Asos.Com Case Study Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Why I Chose Asos. com
I chose Asos. com because I have been a really active client on their site for the past three old ages. It has become my favourite online shop for three chief grounds: they have my sizes. they provide free transportation and returns. and their vesture is ever on tendency. Even more. I chose Asos. com because I find it really interesting that it is a retail merchant that is located merely on-line and seems to be making reasonably good in the industry of manner. Background and Location

Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths in the United Kingdom developed Asos. com. which stands for “As Seen on Screen” . as a public company in June 2000. Interestingly plenty. it was originally created to be an on-line company that would let people to purchase low-cost versions of apparels that were worn on screen. Robertson and Griffiths created the site so that shoppers would hold to snap on the “copycat outfit” and it would be delivered right to them the following twenty-four hours or so. As the company has grown since 2000. it has become an on-line shop that sells both branded manner goods and its ain assortment of apparels. It has become non merely a planetary manner retail merchant but besides a beauty one every bit good. With its ain label merchandise lines from women’s wear to beauty. it has brought in 1000000s of alone visitants. active clients. and registered users. One of the chief grounds Asos. com has gained such a positive response is because of the growing of its on-line service to topographic points like the United States and Germany. Critical Dates in the Growth for Asos. com

Asos.Com Case Study Essay Sample Essay Example

* 2000 – ASOS launched
* 2001 – ASOS PLC Holdings was admitted to AIM on the London Stock Exchange
* 2004 – Introduced ASOS ain label for Women
* 2004 – Maiden net income
* 2005 – Launched ASOS Beauty
* 2005 – Buncefield Fuel Depot detonation closes concern for 6 hebdomads
* 2006 – First UK online shop to establish catwalk
* 2007 – Launched ASOS Magazine
* 2007 – Introduced ASOS ain label for Work force

* 2008 – Launched ASOS Outlet
* 2009 – Launched Little ASOS
* 2009 – Launched Designer Store
* 2009 – Launched ASOS Life
* 2010 – Achieved CarbonNeutral company position
* 2010 – Launched ASOS Mobile
* 2010 – Launched ASOS US
* 2010 – Launched ASOS France
* 2010 – Launched ASOS Germany

* 2010 – Launched ASOS Marketplace
* 2011 – Launched ASOS Facebook Shop
* 2011 – Launched ASOS Fashion Finder
* 2011 – Launched iPhone and iPad app
* 2011 – Launched ASOS Spain
* 2011 – Launched ASOS Italy
* 2011 – Launched ASOS Australia
* 2012 – Opened first international office in Sydney. Australia

Mission Statement ( Principles and Values )
The mission of Asos. com is to make the best shopping experience for their clients. They want to supply an inclusive. reliable. honest. consistent and high quality client experience. Asos. com’s doctrine is that whatever it is their clients are making in the digital manner universe. whether online or on their nomadic phones. they will be able to make on Asos. com. In add-on. Louise McCabe. who is the caput of Corporate Responsibility at Asos. com. envisions Asos. com as great resource that helps to “provide immature people with life altering chances. support and inspiration. ” ( “ASOS Annual Report 2012. ”

Asos. annualreport2012. com. PDF. n. d. Web. Oct. -Nov. 2012. ) Whether it is on-line or on nomadic. Asos. com provides the best of shopping services. They have launched services from iPhone and iPad apps to shopping via Facebook engineering ; all to animate. engage and capture their clients. Last. Asos. com’s ongoing mission statement. harmonizing to Nick Robertson. Chief Executive Officer and Nick Beighton. Finance Director. is to “further cement itself as the finish for immature fashionistas. ” Throughout all of the alterations and new advanced thoughts in the digital universe of manner. Asos. com continues to turn passionately with the same aims. Customer Service

When it comes to client service. Asos. com provides nil but exceeding service for its clients. In Asos. com’s most recent one-year study. Susan Caesar. who is the company’s caput of client attention stated that the “primary aim for any client reaching our ( Asos. com ) Customer Care squad is that they receive an exceeding service. ” ( “ASOS Annual Report 2012. ” Asos. annualreport2012. com. PDF. n. d. Web. Oct. -Nov. 2012. ) Even more. Asos. com genuinely values the satisfaction of their clients. They put their clients at the bosom of everything the company does. whether it is developing a new characteristic on the site or spread outing their districts.

Chief Executive Officer of Asos. com. Nick Robertson. knows that his “Customers are portion of a planetary manner community. We’ll win by remaining connected. hearing and collaborating” ( “ASOS Annual Report 2012. ” Asos. annualreport2012. com. PDF. n. d. Web. Oct. -Nov. 2012. ) . Therefore. Asos. com believes in being client obsessed and cognizing their customers’ love of manner and their manner wants. and turning with their gustatory sensations. likes. and disfavors. Employee Relations

Asos. com strongly values and appreciates its employees. Their doctrine is to make a great topographic point to work by maintaining a positive and actuating physical environment and civilization. Asos. com besides strives to construct pride for the concern in its employees. In add-on. Asos. com supports its employees’ calling patterned advance. and works to assist them develop new accomplishments and cognition. Asos. com has been able to make so with more than 950 lasting staff in the United Kingdom and with an extra 1. 580 working through outsourced partnerships. Target Market

Asos. com’s Demographics
& lt ; Demographics are a signifier of market cleavage that is on a footing of easy measured features like age. race. income. instruction. gender etc. & gt ; Asos. com’s demographics are focus chiefly on age. They market towards 15 to 34 twelvemonth old adult females. However. a part of their visitants are 35 old ages or older. Asos. com’s Psychographics

& lt ; Psychographics are besides a signifier of market cleavage that focuses on consumer personalities. values. involvements ( what activities they pursue ) . attitudes and sentiments. and lifestyles & gt ;
Asos. com’s psychographics are broad scope of people who are fashion-conscious. Their involvements include holding great personal manner and assurance. They like to utilize their friends. societal and traditional media. and famous persons as inspiration. In add-on. they are invariably updating their manners to maintain in synch with their changing sentiments and involvements and what is swerving. They are tech savvy immature adult females who have a broad scope of gustatory sensations and involvements but value simple to really fun vesture. whether they are in the work environment. hanging out with friends. or dressing formal for a party. Customer Overview – Twenty-Somethings who Love Manner

Asos. com clients are immature people who are really fashion-forward and who wish to have on the latest tendencies. Although Asos clients were one time TV viewing audiences who wanted to have on the vesture they would see worn on telecasting. as the companies gustatory sensation and involvements have grown. so have their clients. The on-line store’s clients are classified as really alone. They are chiefly adult females in the United Kingdom. United States. and Australia who are between the ages of 15 and 34. and a few are 35 old ages or older. They are clients who appreciate hip and low-cost manner and like to have on the colourss. manners and trade names they want. Their personal manner is one of the most of import things to them. They know that at Asos. whether it’s vesture. accoutrements. jewellery or even beauty. clients know they can utilize these beginnings to assist unite their ain manner with animating things in today’s manner. Besides. Asos. com’s clients besides include work forces and adult females of other ages still find a batch of involvement and wishing in their merchandises. These clients belong to households with an income bracket of 90. 000 to 150. 000 dollars who on occasion buy from shops like Asos. Location Evaluation

One of the major factors in strategic retailing is location. because it decides and determines what and who will busy it. Knowing location is of import because it is relevant in footings of being close to aim customers/market. Besides. location is comparative to where our merchandise will come from and the costs related to the logistics of traveling merchandise from natural stuffs to complete merchandise. Points like these and more are what retail merchants take into consideration when taking a location. Asos. com is positioned merely on the World Wide Web. It’s website caters to those in the United Kingdom. Germany. Australia. and the United States. Asos. com’s original intent was to be an on-line site where people could travel to happen and order transcripts of outfits they would see on telecasting. By being an online site. they were unfastened and easy accessible to a really big client market all over the universe. As it has become the go-to on-line manner site for many. its location has been what has made it alone. Asos. com’ s direct rival. VANCL. com is really near to it in the online store hemisphere.

VANCL. com has an norm of about 200 more day-to-day visitants than Asos. com does. As a individual location retail merchant. Asos. com has both its advantages and disadvantages in the industry. Its disadvantages include the fact that there are no shops for clients to see to seek on vesture and see the garments for themselves. Another disadvantage is that a batch of online shops are sold by the image that their theoretical accounts provide for the garments. The shops chose the theoretical accounts that fit the vesture best and this can sometimes intimidate clients because it causes them to go diffident as to whether or non they would look good in the garments. However. there are some cardinal advantages to being an online merely shop is that anyone who has cyberspace can acquire to it and order anything and have it come in a few yearss. Whether you’re in the work office or in the comfort of your ain place. you can acquire on the site and store. In add-on. by being an online site. they do non hold to worry about the fuss and costs of opening locations in different metropoliss all around the universe. Alternatively. they can concentrate their money on a few cardinal locations for sections to sell the ware and non worry about anything else.

If Asos. com decided to go a multi-channel operation it could perchance profit and turn even more. However. I believe that what makes Asos. com so particular and successful is the fact that it is an on-line merely operation. It has fundamentally created its ain location and should maintain it for every bit long as it can. If anything. the on-line site should go on to construct and develop more services on its individual location so that it continues to maintain its clients coming back and satisfied. In general. bricks and howitzer shops and non-stores each have their pros and cons. Shops are great for the fact that they are a topographic point where clients can travel to see what garments look like right in forepart of them. Even more. they can acquire a feel of the stuff of the garments and can seek them on to see the tantrum before purchasing it. However. one of the downsides of shop locations are that retail merchants have to ever maintain up with the cost of rent or mortgage payments. One of the pros online-only locations are that they do non hold to worry about doing certain the can pay a month’s rent or any other fundss that must be paid went leasing or having a belongings for retail. However. non-store locations can sometimes confront the disadvantage of perchance holding a much smaller client base. Merchandise Mix

As the world’s best on-line manner finish. Asos. com provides clients with 850 plus labels and on-trend street manner dress. Their mixture of vesture offers over 40. 000 branded and owned label merchandise lines from womenswear to menswear. The womenswear on Asos. com has big mixture of intimate apparel. jewellery. beauty merchandises. frocks and places. Although the measures are smaller than the chief womenswear line. Asos. com besides provides an mixture of vesture and merchandises for pregnancy wear. bantam sizes. and plus sizes. The menswear subdivision on Asos. com includes denims. t-shits. places and shirts. On Asos. com. the merchandises are categorized based on womenswear and menswear. Upon come ining the place page of the shopping site. clients are presented with two options: “Shop Women” or “Shop Men” . These two waies take them straight to the services and merchandises they provide for these classs. The manner the web site is designed in a really straightforward and high-strung mode.

It tells and shows clients everything they need to cognize for successful shopping at Asos. com. The place page of the site is clear and concise and provides a directory for all the services and merchandises Asos. com provides. The presentation that creates the strongest ocular impact on the channel is the selling of Asos. com’s ‘Free Shipping Both Ways’ all over the site. It immediately adds attractive force to the site and pulls in clients. Asos. com’s merchandise River Island Dogtooth Skinny Jeans come in three different colourss: Chartreuse. pink. and white. The denims besides come in an army like- geometric print. The River Island Skinny Jeans. and several other merchandises on Asos. com come in different colourss and forms that are ever in tendency. The on-line retail merchant provides sizes US 0 to US 22 for womenswear. For menswear. Asos. com provides sizes of 28 inches to 38 inches. In respects to womenswear. the most popular sizes seem to be 8 through 10. As for menswear the 36-inch short is the most popular size.

Asos. com’s bestselling colourss at the minute. particularly in womenswear. are oxblood and tartan prints. They are bestselling particularly because they are presently what is swerving in manner. Asos. com does a really good occupation at doing certain that they have all the manners and colourss that are swerving in street manner in ready to have on dress and ready to order formats. The points that appear to be selling good presently are the studded accoutrements. ground forces colored dress. churrigueresque print dress. outsize knit jumpers. and leather legings. This is largely because of what was seen on the autumn track shows for 2012 and is in manner. The mean retail monetary values for these best Sellerss can travel from merely five dollars to 540 dollars. Promotion Schemes

Online synergistic communicating techniques are different ways information is changed between two beginnings online. Asos. com is involved in a batch of effectual online communications with its clients. For illustration. two times a hebdomad. Asos. com emails a newssheet to 1. 8 million people who have signed up for it. This originative newssheet. which provides updates and inside informations on Asos. com’s trade name and concern growing. has been able to convey in an addition in gross revenues by 137 per centum in 2007. Offline synergistic communicating techniques are offline signifiers of information exchange between two beginnings. One of the Asos. com’s most successful offline synergistic communicating techniques is their monthly magazine. The magazine. which is around 116 pages. characteristics manner advice. set interviews. amusement intelligence. aspirational manner and narratives for both work forces and adult females.

Online inactive communicating is the thought of indirect communicating from beginning to beginning on the web. One of Asos. com’s inactive communicating techniques is their usage of advertisement on web sites. Merely in the past hebdomad. while sing YouTube there was an Asos. com commercial advertizement that played before the picture I was traveling to watch. Offline inactive communicating is the thought of indirect communicating from beginning to beginning off of the web. Asos. com techniques for offline inactive communicating include their advertizements in manner magazines. like Teen Vogue and Glamour. Although Asos. com has done a reasonably good occupation at pass oning to its clients in different formats. I genuinely believe that there is ever room for betterment. I believe that seting up effectual and synergistic Asos. com hoardings in metropoliss like San Francisco and Los Angeles would make a great sum of wonder to people who are non really familiar of the web site. It would be a great offline inactive communicating technique that might perchance be the company’s following encouragement in gross.

| ASOS. com| VANCL. com| HM. com |
Target Customer Segments| -15 to 34 twelvemonth old adult females w/ a little part of 35 twelvemonth olds| -24 to 34 twelvemonth old work forces and women| -16 to 30 twelvemonth old women| Store Type & A ; Design| -Online shop with a really modern-day and high-strung feel| -Online shop with a fashion-forward mindset| -In shop merely -Designed with several facets ; appealing to a larger client demographic taste| Visual Presentation| -Simple. straightforward and hip| -Not that particular. -Has its chief classs for stock list and that’s about it| – The shop is designed tonss of ware that can be high-strung. preppy. and urban | Uniqueness of Product Offering| -Great quality and voguish garments that were seen really late on the runway| -They offer merchandises. from dress to lifestyle goods. that are of high quality and at a sensible monetary value | -H & A ; M focuses on conveying the hippest of tendencies with the most low-cost price| Organization of Merchandise| -Organized based on two classs: male and female. Followed by several sub classs for both of these| -Organized on three chief classs: work forces. adult females. and childs.

-They besides have a new reachings and sale section| -Sometimes organized harmonizing to trend-Organized harmonizing to the assortment of subjects in the store| Merchandise Variety & A ; Assortment| -Asos provides a broad assortment of ware with a moderate sum of ware. -A batch of times. points are rapidly sold out. | -VANCL provides a broad assortment of ware with a moderate sum of ware. | -They have a broad assortment and a big assortment| Price Ranges| – Ranging from anything from 5 $ to $ 500| -Really affordable- $ 10 to $ 20| -Reasonable prices| Customer Service| -Asos cherishes the satisfaction of their clients & A ; doing things convenient for them-Provoke the best shopping experience-They provide free criterion shipping/return| -Want their clients to hold entree to well-made manner. – Want to supply the best quality and the best prices| -H & A ; M values the germinating manner gustatory sensation of its clients and wants to ever fulfill the demands driven by these tastes| Just like ASOS. com. its rivals most successful ware points are the 1s that are presently in tendency. Whether they are oxblood coloured bloomerss or Baroque printed skirts. voguish and fashion-forward points seem to be the competitory channels most selling points. Swat

With everything in the universe of retail. each retail merchant or service has its strengths. failings. advantages and disadvantages. Asos. com has been able to take what some retail merchants may see as Asos. com’s failing and wholly made it one its strengths: being an online-only retail merchant. Asos. com has the advantage of being on-line merely because it has selected one of the most populated countries in the universe: the Internet. Thus. Asos. com is able to make out to all of the people inside and outside of its mark market. without holding to go forth their computing machine screen. Even more. Asos. com has cut down costs for having several Bricks and Mortar shops. Just like what was said above. the fact that Asos. com is an online-only retail merchant has its strengths but besides its failings. The fact that Asos. com is an online merely retail merchant. it has made it hard for non-internet and non-online users to acquire to it. This. of class. creates the disadvantage of losing out on selling to a batch of clients who are in-store shoppers.

What the hereafter holds for Asos. com…
By the expressions of it. I am confident that Asos. com will go on to turn and in the planetary online manner race. Because Asos. com places its clients and making the best shopping experience its figure one precedence. it can merely turn more and more successful and popular. Asos. com has found its niche in the universe of retailing and has developed an inclusive and collaborative organisation that continues to better every twenty-four hours.

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