Aspect of Slavery: Slave Trade

2 February 2018

In 1807, the Slave Trade Act was passed by British Parliament, which made the trading of slaves illegal. In addition, this Act did not abolish the practice of slavery, which was still prominent in the United States well into the late sass’s. However, many states wanted the trading of slaves to continue for economic reasons.

Some states such as Louisiana passed laws to reestablish slave trading, while others felt that the United States had enough slaves. The article entitled The Slave-Trade Project, is about Southern states;Louisiana in particular, wanting to reestablish the slave trade process. In order to do this laws were being created and passed to make free black slaves into apprentices. By becoming an apprentice, a free black would be willing to work on a plantation without pay or any other benefits. In addition, this article offers a variety of pros and cons for the reestablishment of the slave trade.

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One of the pros is that the economy would receive a boost, do to the fact that more workers will be able to harvest goods such as cotton and bacon.In addition, one of the cons consists of an increase in the African population, which would be detrimental to the white majority.

Moreover, this article gives a lot of insight into the lives of Americans during the sass’s. One insight that we receive is that slaves were in high demand during this time period. The fact that some Southern States were putting laws in place to make free blacks apprentices, showed just how much slaves were valued.In addition, from this article we can infer that slaves played an essential role in boosting the economy. Without slaves to cultivate cotton and other natural resources, America would not have thrived as greatly as it did during the sass’s. In addition, from this article we can see just how much African-Americans were thought of during this time period from a racial perspective. The article states that one reason the slave trade should not be employed again is because it increases the African population, which is ignorant and brutal.

By tatting that Africans are ignorant and brutal shows just how inhumane they were treated and thought of during that time period. In addition, the article calls black people a social disaster and disgrace. Stating this invokes the idea that if the African population was to increase do to the fact that the slave trade was reestablished; states would suffer greatly because the ratio of minority to majority would have been slightly tilted.

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