Assassination Of John Kennedy Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

Character assassination Of John Kennedy Essay, Research Paper

Assassination Of John Kennedy Essay Research Paper Essay Example

The Warren Commission:

And the Assassination of JFK

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been one of the most controversial instances in history. There are many theories to what truly happened on that tragic twenty-four hours. What theory is the right Theory? Well, that depends on what grounds you believe is the? Best grounds? . ( Lifton )

The undermentioned presentation will turn to the Warren Commission and who they and how they involved in the probe of the instance. It will besides discourse the facts of the instance and find if the Commission determination were valid.

Who was John F. Kennedy?

Throughout the history of the United States there have been few great presidents. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of these great presidents. He led an extraordinary life and influenced the people of his clip enormously. Although he had a ephemeral Presidency, he created many productive undertakings and chances for the hereafter of the US. John F. Kennedy was a national hero and genuinely a great leader for his people.

John was born May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. His male parent Joseph Kennedy became the youngest banker president in the US. He was a millionaire by age 25. Including John, the household at that place nine kids. They were, in age order, Joseph Junior, John, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Edward ( Teddy ) . All the kids were born in Brookline, Massachusetts. Each of the childs had a one million-dollar trust fund set up for them by the clip they were born. ( Encarta? 95 )

John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United States in 1961. He was the youngest individual of all time to be elected president. Besides, He was the first Roman Catholic President and the first President to be born in the twentieth century. ( Encrta? 95 ) He ne’er completed his 3rd twelvemonth as president. Therefore, his accomplishments were limited. He was shot and died within a 30 minutes.

President Kennedy was traveling to see Texas. This trip had been under consideration for months earlier. As a political leader he wanted to decide the contention within the party before the election of 1964. The party besides saw an chance to raise financess, by holding JFK speak at a political dinner finally planned for Austin, Texas. ( WC 48 )

At 11:40 ante meridiem, on Friday, November 22, 1963, President Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy and their party arrived at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. They drove around the country in an opened top limousine with the remainder of the party following them. They followed a planned path merely halting for brief minutes to recognize crowds.

As the President limousine passed the forepart of the Texas School Book Depository a rapid fire of shootings rang out. The President was hit one time in the dorsum of his cervix and a 2nd fatal shooting in the dorsum of his caput. The Governor of Texas, John B. Connally was in the auto and he was besides hit. The President and the Governor were the rushed to Parkland memorial infirmary. He was treated by two doctors they were non able to resuscitate him. He was pronounced dead a 1p.m. Governor Connally under went surgery and recovered from his serious lesions. ( WC 47-65 )

President John F. Kennedy was the 4th American President to be assassinated, but his decease was the first that led to the formation of a particular committee for the intent of doing a full probe. In earlier blackwashs, the probes had been left to bing judicial organic structures. ( Livingstone ) This particular committee was the authorities appointed Warren Commission.

Who was the Warren Commission?

The warren Commission was formed seven yearss after the blackwash. The Newly sworn President Lyndon B. John wanted to strike hard down any impression that the shot had been done by the work of plotters. So he sought out the adult male he felt should take Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. At first Judge Warren diminution to take the organisation. He did non like the fact that one subdivision of authorities was being employed by another subdivision. President Johnson did non take no for an reply. He wrote a missive to the justice stating.

? Mr. Chief Justice you were a soldier in universe war one, there? s nil you did that compares with what you can make now for your state. As your Commander and head, I am telling you back into service. ? ( menninger 12 )

Judge Warren eventually agreed. The President so gave a authorization for the committee to read. It specifically told them what their occupation was. They were to Analyze the grounds developed by the federal Bureau of Investigation and any extra grounds that they might come across or exposed grounds by Federal and State Authorities. They were to measure everything and study it back to the President.

Here are some the of the Warren chief Commissions Conclusions taken straight from the official study.

1. The shootings which killed President Kennedy and wounded Governor Connally were fired from the 6th Florida

oor window at the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository.

( a ) Witnesses at the scene saw a rifle being fired out of 6th floor of the edifice.

( B ) A slug was found of the Governor? s stretcher at the infirmary and the slug fragments found in the President? s limousine were fired by the rifle found on the 6th floor of the edifice.

2. The shootings that killed President Kennedy and wounded Governor Connally were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.

( a ) The Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5-millimeter Italian rifle from which the shootings were fired was owned by and in the ownership of Oswald.

( B ) Oswald carried this rifle into the Depository edifice on the forenoon of November 22,1963.

( degree Celsius ) Oswald at the clip of the blackwash was present at the window from which the drunkards were fired.

3. Commission found no grounds that Oswald was involved with any individual or group in a confederacy to assassinate the President.

( a ) The committee checked all possible leads and any groups Oswald could hold been associated with.

4. Three shootings were fired

The Warren Commission to look over all the of import facts and wrote a study and submitted it.

Did the Commission do a thorough rating of all the elements and all the facts? There are many cardinal points critical to the instance that the Warren Commission over looked or could non find.

The fact that our judicial and political systems are adversarial in nature makes reading of grounds and events that much more hard because a certain sum of valid grounds is excluded from consideration for traditional legal grounds. Excessively much weight, in add-on, can be given to scientific or testimony, which can overshadow valid eyewitness histories. We besides have for the calculated fiction of scientific grounds in political instances. ( Livingstone 37 )

There many unreciprocated facts in the instance some are really controversial and they may ne’er be answered For illustration many experts agree that the necropsy was non done professionally.

Let us take a expression of some of grounds that was perchance over looked by the Commission. Here are a few illustrations.

* Did Oswald shoot John Kennedy?

Oswald was seen a few minutes before the shot in the lunchroom on the 2nd floor, between 12:15 and 12:25 p.m. at the clip the motorcade was originally scheduled to go through the Book Depository. The motorcade was five proceedingss tardily. If he shot Kennedy, he would non hold been in the lunchroom, where he was seen by a constabulary less than 90 seconds after the slaying.

*Was the grounds planted?

There was no fingerprints or palmprints on either of the arms linked to Lee Harvey Oswald at the clip of his apprehension. After his decease a palmprint arrived at the FBI lab in Washington, purportedly taken from the alleged slaying file. And linked to Oswald.

How many shootings were at that place?

The Warren Commission stated that there were Three shootings fired. Eyewitness at the scene claimed they heard merely two. Even Governor Connally testified that he heard the first slug and turned about to see were the sound came from and so was hit by the 2nd.

Oswald ever denied that he shot Kennedy and swore he was stating the truth but he was ignored.

Missing Evidence?

Besides there is grounds losing from the National Archive. These include slug fragments found by the Warren Commission.

The missing grounds is merely portion of the complex mystifier. Could at that place hold been a confederacy? It seems uneven that grounds that is supposed to be carefully looked over be losing.

After reading grounds back uping and knocking the Warren Commission. I can see that there were many holes in the probe. And I am left with many unreciprocated inquiries. I don? t understand why President Johnson insisted to holding the Warren Commission run by another governmental bureau. This seems to me to be really leery. I don? T think the Commission did a good rating of the facts. Whether it was because of errors, cover up or because other bureaus involved did collaborate is non known. In my position this can hold been avoided if these bureaus worked together. In decision the right fact-finding methods were non accomplished because of the carelessness and the premises of circumstantial grounds with bureaus involved.

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