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1 January 2017

A recent national policy initiative promoting anti-discriminatory practice The Human Rights Act applies to everyone within the country as it makes sure everyone is treated the same but it could be in different ways. This act allows students to have freedom of thought and religion.

People are allowed to have and voice their own opinions but they have to take into consideration not everyone believes the same and they may disagree with their opinion. It helps people to become their own individual and to express themselves in a healthy way.This act also allows everyone to have the right to further and higher education within their own county. An example of this would be is a Hindu child wants to wear a head dress and still go to the same school as everyone else; she is able to come and learn in the school even though she wears a head-dress because the Human Rights Act 1998 allows everyone to have freedom of thought and religion. This act promotes good practice and influences how staff comes together and works to meet the standard of this legislation to ensure every individual is treated with respect and equal among others.When staffs are meeting this act they would be ensuring that no one would become discriminated against because of their race, gender or religion which would make a happier society if everyone was treated was the same as everyone else. Active promotion of equality and individual rights in health and social care setting is the principles of the care value base, putting the patient/service user at the heart of service provision, e.

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g. roviding active support, promoting individuals’ rights, choices and wellbeing, anti-discriminatory practice, empowering patients/service users; dealing with tensions and contradictions; staff development and training; practical Implications of confidentiality, e. g. recording, reporting, storing and sharing of information. Every Individual has the right to be respected, treated equally and not discriminated against, treated as an individual, treated in a dignified way, allowed privacy, protected from danger and harm, allowed access to information about themselves, be able to communicate using their preferred methods of communication.Language cared for in a way that meets their needs, takes account of their choices and protects them. The Equality Act 2010 makes your rights not to be discriminated against stronger.

Discrimination means treating someone less privileged other people because of who they are. The groups of people who have the right not be discriminated against have also been extended. People who fit in to these groups have what are called secure characteristics. It doesn’t matter whether any of these characteristics apply to you, or the people in your life.

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