Assess the view that the education system

6 June 2017

Assess the view that the educauon system serves to maintain a capitalist society. A capitalist society is about making protlt and the exploitation ot the working class There are several different theories that may state or criticise that the education system serves to maintain a capitalist society. Marxist agrees because the education system teachers individuals to accept that someone would always have a higher position than them. Whereas functionalist believes that the education system does not serve to maintain a capitalist society but it bridges the gap between home and ociety.

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Marxist thinkers such as Althusser (1970) believe that the education system serves to maintain a capitalist society. He views the education system as an ideological state apparatus. This is how the ruling class are able to pass on their ideas and beliefs onto the working class. He believes that the education system teaches working class students basic skills needed to perform within a capitalist society. For example, punctuality, attendance and accepting orders.

This would prepare them for their future exploitation, and would produce an obedient workforce. ystem does not help maintain a capitalist society. Willis conducted a study of 12 working class lads in their last year ot school tound that there was no simple relationship between education and work. He found that the boys actively chose to fail so that they could land their dream Jobs’ of manual labour in a factory with their friends and have as little responsibility as possible.

This shows that the education system are not able to make all students abide by their rules and expectations, as some students make their own decisions about their future and the kind of work they ould like to go Into. on the other hand Marxist thinkers Bowles and Glnlts (1976) believe that work and education are linked For example at school students are motivated to work harder by grades, and at work workers are motivated to work harder to get good pay.

Bowles and Gintis believe that the education system operate a hidden curriculum that socialises people into ruling class cultures and encourages them to accept future exploitation. ‘acceptance of hierarchy’ being one of the hidden curriculums within a school allows students to see that everyone has a position In the school, therefore ou must accept the position you are In and must not try end take someone else’s position. This links to the workforce as workers should always remain workers and have respect to those who are higher than them.

Willis disagrees with Bowles and Gintis’ idea that students are motivated and that claimed that the strongest influence on what kind of Jobs students wanted came from their parents. As some parents may have advised their children to go into manual labour. This could be because their parents have already adjusted to their belief that the working class would always remain working class, and don’t want their children to eel disappointed when they are exploited into the workforce.

Althusser believes that the education system maintains a capitalist society by reproducing social inequality. The ruling class are always priority and on top of the pile, and are able to go to university where they are trained to fulfil their ruling class roles. Whereas as the working class are forced to fail and take on board low status and low paid Jobs. Working class students are unable to get extra tuition and help from outdoor tutors, where as the ruling class student can.

This is because they can fford it; the education system ignores this and results in benefiting the capitalist Where as new right thinkers Chub and Moe (1990), believe that the education system does not maintain a capitalist society. They believe that state education has failed to create equality of opportunity of disadvantage groups such as the working class. And seeing that from a working class perspective they are unable to pay for funds of extra education to ensure that their children would get good Jobs. This has resulted to pupils not being equipped with the skills need to work.

Therefore the education system is not helping to maintain a capitalist society as the economy is failing in Chub and Moe’s view. In my opinion I think that the education system does serve to maintain a capitalist society. This is because it helps prepare students for the wider society and allows them to understand the difference between the behaviour they could have in the home, and the different behaviour in the workforce. Procedures in the school such as timing, respect, detentions, and merits are all beneficial as they follow students on into the wider society of the workforce.

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