Analysis of Human Comfort

11 November 2018

In a building the human comfort is affected by the built-up environment and its design, the lighting, the temperature and the sound levels. If one of these aspects is permanently higher or lower than its acceptable value, the people might not be able to work to the best of their abilities or concentrate in this room.

I will analysis and explain the aspects of human comfort with the example of one separate office room where drawing/design work is done.The correct lighting is an important part to ensure human comfort. A specific lighting level must be provided keep the eyes healthy and make sure the person can stay concentrated. Too bright light can harm the eyes over time. The workers wouldn’t see well and therefore have a bad orientation in the room, especially reflecting surfaces would irritate them. Constantly staring into, but also being surrounded by, too bright light can cause partial, or even permanent blindness. However, too low light neither has good effects on the workers’ eyes.

Analysis of Human Comfort Essay Example

The low light level would cause constant straining on one’s eyes and make seeing more difficult. This may affect the person’s vision badly. Furthermore, workers should always make sure that their computer or phone screen is not brighter than the environment around them, because this is harmful for their eyes as well. Most modern devices offer an ‘Night-Mode’, which filters the ‘blue-lights’ so it can be used in darker environments with less bad effect on the eyes. Together with ‘Adaptive-Brightness’, which adjust the screen’s brightness to the light level in the surrounding area, people don’t have to worry about affecting their vision through bad screen lighting. During the day, the day light should be used to create a natural feeling for the workers. The lights used shouldn’t be some that produce perceptible heat.

Too extreme temperatures may have bad effects on people. Psychological stress can be caused and could make a person more prone to some illnesses. Quick and many temperature changes can affect the ability to work properly. Good ventilation systems should be installed to constantly refresh the air in order to prevent condensation. Condensation arises when water vapour comes in contact with a colder solid surface, which happens at too high temperature. This can cause deterioration of materials or encouraged fungi growth, which increases the heat loss and rises health issue risks. To decrease humidity, the air needs to be refreshed, the temperature shouldn’t be changed to much and be lowered, so the water can’t vaporize anymore and plants should be removed.

To let in some fresh air, the window can be opened for a short time, this will help the concentration of the workers. But of course, the temperature should not be set too low. This would cause shivering and lowers the concentration. To provide a good working experience, a not too cold and not too warm temperature level should retain.In the office it should be fairly silent. It is more comfortable, helps staying concentrated and therefore increases the productivity, and is healthy. All the walls and floors should be extremely good soundproofed, so the workers won’t hear things happening in the rooms next to them, above or underneath them.

Being constantly in a loud area can harm one’s ears and may cause partly or permanent deaf, and can heavily stress someone. Workers should be able to focus on the sound coming from their room.What is also important for human comfort, is the overall design of the room. Of course, design is a matter of taste, but there are some general things which are required for optimal comfort and wellness. The most important here is the room size. A too small room can cause stress or in worst case even depressions, the same applies for the ceilings height. There should be at least one big and tiltable window to be able to let some fresh air in.

Ideally there is also a glass wall in order to use the sunlight to brighten up the room during the day. Electrical jalousies could be installed, to let them down if the sunlight dazzles or it has become to hot in the room; they can also be tilted so the room is still exposed. The desk should be placed with the worker’s weak-hand-side to the glass wall so the daylight can be used when something is written/drawn on paper, otherwise the hand would shadow the sheet which would harm the eyes over time and errors occur easier in the drawings. The computer screen or laptop wouldn’t be placed directly next to the glass wall, because the sunlight may warm up the computer too much. The colors of the furniture should be matt and not reflecting. However, at night one would see reflections on glass walls and windows, which could irritate, but curtains could solve the problems. Of course, then the artificial lights would be used.

They should be fairly white LEDs mainly exposing the desk (but still the hole room) and not toned too warm or cold, neither have any other colors. Colored light would distract and make things like reading or seeing specific colors difficult. For the walls, bright colors should be used because they, make the room seem bigger, which provides comfort. There shouldn’t be any plants in the office. Although they may look beautiful, they can cause condensation. Instead, a good fan can be placed, which can help preventing humidity. Although, a fan isn’t necessarily needed when the ventilation is good.

The worker ideally would sit with the back facing a wall (with still a bit space behind) and with sight to the entrance. Psychological spoken, subconsciously this makes a person feel safer in case of an attack, because there is more time to react. The same applies to general living. For example, in a bed room one should sleep with the feet nearer the entrance. For safety, smoke detectors need to be installed and in case of an emergency there must be an easy and fast way out of the hole building, lighted if there is a power breakdown.These are things that should be standard for best comfort and wellness. These things are definitely not vitally important, essential or easily affordable, but comfort has always been kind of luxury.

Of course, all things count for apartments and houses as well. Although, some things obviously would differ in other rooms. For example, you wouldn’t need such big windows and glass walls in a music-studio, there would be normal, good soundproofed walls, because noise in a music-studio is a more important aspect than light. But without the big glassed walls, the warmth of the sun light shining in during the day would go lost. Therefore, one probably would set the temperature in the room slightly higher.

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