Assessment and Intervention of an African American Female from Cincinnati Area

4 April 2015
An investigation of theoretical perspectives for social work and mental health practice.

A case example is presented, theoretical models are applied, assessment tools are presented, cultural values and key issues are discussed, goals are identified, and an intervention plan is developed.
“Another theoretical perspective that the clinician may focus upon with this client is the behaviorism point of view. Behavior therapies focus on very specific aspects of the individual’s behavior and seeks to increase appropriate behavior by modifying the negative behavior. This viewpoint also believes that overt behavior should be studied, without reference to consciousness or mental processes (Skolnick, 1986, p. 523). Another words, not much effort is put forward to study the psychodynamics of the individual, while the present is emphasized in the treatment of the client. Behavior therapies might be utilized by the clinician in this case to focus on her behavior of fighting for example. If the clinician can improve upon the client’s behavior and physical altercations that she has began to become involved in, this will be one specific step in achieving a better lifestyle for the client overall. ”
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