Assignment Lab Worksheet Heart Jessica Velez

1 January 2018

Heart, Pulmonary and Coronary Circulations Student Name: Jessica Bevel Directions: Go to Real Anatomy and select Cardiovascular. Use the dissection man to f mind the appropriate images to use as references. You can use your mouse to roll over the images and click on the highlighted structures. You can use the Related Images section to find additional images. If you need help navigating Real Anatomy, click on Take a Tour or click the question mark for the Help menu. 1 .

Identify the highlighted membrane layer. Pericardium 2.Identify the highlighted membrane layer. Parietal pericardium 3. Identify the highlighted membrane layer. Visceral pericardium 4. Identify the cavity in which the highlighted organ is located.

Thoracic cavity 5. Identify the depicted tissue below. Myocardium 6. Identify the layer that is composed of the depicted tissue. Striated cardiac muscle 7. Identify the layer that lines the depicted structure. Undecorated 8.

Identify the highlighted chamber.

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Right Auricle 9. Identify the three vessels that carry blood to the highlighted chamber. Superior even cave, inferior even cave, coronary sinus 0.Identify the highlighted valve. Tricuspids Valve 11. Identify the highlighted chamber.

Right Ventricle 12. Identify the highlighted vessel below. Pulmonary trunk 13. Identify the highlighted valve. Pulmonary valve 14. Identify the highlighted organ. Left lung 15.

Identify the highlighted vessels. Pulmonary vein 16. Identify the highlighted chamber. Left auricle 17. Identify the highlighted valve. Material valve 18. Identify the highlighted chamber.

Left ventricle 19. Identify the highlighted vessel. Aorta 20. Identify the highlighted valve.

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