Asteroids Essay Research Paper Inour solar system

Asteroids Essay, Research Paper


our solar system today there are over 30 000 asteroids winging about in all

waies clashing with other asteroids and planets non caring about the

devastation they might convey. Our planet Earth is caught right in the center of

all of this action and is apt to full extinction of any life signifiers on the

planet if a big adequate asteroid crosses its way. Any one individual asteroid has

the possibility to wipe out 1000s of old ages of history and wipeout the human

race as we know it. Asteroids are big or little balls of stone and metal winging

about infinite up to velocities of 80 000 kilometers per hour. These balls were believed to hold

formed 1000000s of old ages ago during the “ large knock ” . These stones

didn? t signifier any planets and were stuck drifting about infinite on their ain or

in the gravity of the star-shaped belt. This belt is about 300 million

stat mis from the Sun and it contains 1000s of asteroids some being stat mis in

diameter. Another theory of the formation of asteroids is that a planet between

Red planets and Jupiter one time existed and after many old ages it exploded into 1000s of

pieces that are still go arounding around the Sun in the signifier of an star-shaped belt.

Other asteroids are formed when big meteors collide with big asteroids

making more little 1s. These meteors can besides clash with planets interrupting

off balls of the crust into infinite. Ceres is believed to be the biggest asteroid

that was in infinite at one point in clip. Ceres was believed to be 600 stat mis broad

doing up 1/3 of the entire mass of all asteroids. Ceres was the first asteroid

discovered and was found in 1801. There are two chief types of asteroids ; the

foremost dominates the outer portion of the belt and are found to be rich in C,

the 2nd group are located in the interior of the belt and are found to be rich

in minerals. The mean temperature of the surface of an asteroid is

about -73 grades C. Many people wear? T know that every twelvemonth over 50

000 little asteroids called meteors hit the Earth every twelvemonth. These meteors are

the outside bed of larger asteroids that have been chipped off or are the

surface of other planets that have detached from their places when hit with

larger asteroids. Asteroids sometimes align with Earth when meteors winging

through infinite collide with other asteroids in the belt doing pieces to interrupt

away and caput in all waies. Sometimes these pieces merely go on to acquire

aligned with Earth. However, scientists are seeking to detect a manner in which

they can explode a atomic bomb near to the asteroid doing it to alter

rotary motion and hence alteration its class. This is really unsafe because if the

asteroid explodes it will do even more of a muss when 100s of pieces are

so on class with the Earth. Asteroids are found all over infinite but are most

abundant in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This belt holds about

2000 asteroids all of different forms and sizes. This belt has its ain

gravitative pull and all of the asteroids in it go around around the Sun. It is

believed that this belt was formed when planet Ten exploded. Although the bulk

of asteroids are found in this belt and are by and large stuck in its gravitational

pull, they are sometimes jarred from their places from the impact of other

asteroids that are invariably drifting through infinite. Although asteroids could

destroy Earth if they come in contact with it, little meteors that hit

Earth are

found to be great finds. These little infinite stones that have been chipped

off of other planets such as Saturn or Mars are a great manner of analyzing other

planets surfaces without holding to go 1000000s of stat mis for samples. They

semen to us. If it wasn? T for asteroids hitting the Earth, we might non be here

today. Millions of old ages ago when the Earth was organizing it was a elephantine ball made

of liquid molten. Over a long period of clip asteroids hit the Earth at

enormous speeds doing them to fall in the molten and make a crust for

life. After many old ages of this, the Earth was formed from 100s of asteroids

combined into one big planet. Asteroids are found to be one of the most

fascinating and unsafe things in infinite. This is because it is hard to

topographic point every asteroid near to our planet and at any clip an asteroid may be

spotted really near to Earth with excessively short a notice to halt it. Asteroid

tracking should be really of import to the universe and more clip and money should be

put into it. These objects could intend the terminal of world all together. Today we

discovery over 150 craters on our planet some being a few kilometres in diameter. If

asteroids this large hit our planet today many life things would be destroyed

within 1000s of stat mis of the impact point. This shows us grounds that many

asteroids have collided with this planet in the yesteryear that could hold ended

civilisation. Today there is known to be about 163 asteroids that are winging

through our solar system that are found risky to Earth. In 1997 a stat mi broad

asteroid passed within the distance of the Earth and the Moon when it came 40

000 kilometer from hitting us. This seems to be a batch of room to save but it isn? T

when you take into history the huge sum of infinite in our solar system.

Scientists believe that an asteroid is traveling to be the closest to Earth on

October 26, 2028. Because of the danger asteroids pose NASA funded a plan

called infinite ticker to seek and track asteroids near to Earth. All together NASA

spends about $ 3.5 million US tracking asteroids. This gets really hard

because it takes 10 to 30 old ages of notice to track an asteroid on its manner

towards Earth. Asteroids are classified as risky if they? rhenium bigger than 1

kilometers broad and found within 8 million kilometres of Earth. It is really likely that

a big asteroid will hit the Earth in the hereafter because of the planet? s past

experience with star-shaped hits. Scientists estimate that an asteroid more

than 800 m in diameter hits the Earth every million old ages and a smaller one hits

every century. An asteroid bigger than 1 kilometers would intend the terminal of about 30 % of

the World? s population. This size of an asteroid would be the equivalent

detonation to 2 million Hiroshima bombs. This detonation would wipeout population

by the devastation of all life animals within a 100 stat mi radius as good

as barricading off the Sun with dust and stone atoms for hebdomads or even months.

Asteroids are likely the deadliest force that our solar system can bring forth,

one work stoppage could set adult male back in the dark ages and would kill about the full

population of our planet. It is for this ground that scientists should concentrate

more on understanding asteroids and research more into the defence of our

planet. At the minute we merely know where a fraction of the asteroids out at that place

are. The asteroid that could destruct our planet could merely be a twelvemonth off and we

Don? t even cognize it exists.

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