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8 August 2017

Briefly describe the construction of an atom. How large is an atom? How large is the nucleus compared to the full atom? An atom consists of a karyon and an negatron cloud. The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. Protons are a positive charge while neutrons have no charge. The negatron cloud consists of negatrons that have a negative charge. Atoms are so little there could be more atoms in a individual bead of H2O than there are discernible stars in the existence. 13. How do we believe the Moon formed. and what grounds supports this hypothesis? It is believed that there was a great impact between the Earth and a immense planetesimal. The dust remnant from the impact went around the Earth and formed the Moon as we know it today. 18. Based on the known extrasolar planets. should we reason that earth-like planets are rare? Why or why non?

I would state Earth like planets are really rare. There are no other planets that worlds can last on without an enclosure. The conditions on Earth are merely right for life while other planets are non fit for life because of their barbarous conditions. Ch. 7

9. How do crater counts tell us the age of a planetal surface? Briefly explain why the Moon is so much more to a great extent cratered than the Earth.
Unlike Earth. the Moon has no atmosphere. Because of the no ambiance. meteors and meteorites hit the Moon. Besides there are hints of lunar mare which is lava from old vents that cooled. 10. Briefly summarize the geological history of the Moon. Be certain to explicate the beginning of the lunar mare.

After the Moon formed. it started with some volcanism and techtonics. After some eruptions the Moon cooled down and became what it is today. The lunar mares came from the cooled lava. Then as clip went on the Moon was hit by many impacts of meteors and asteroids. 12. Describe at least three similarities and three differences between Earth and Marss.

Some similarities that the Moon and Earth have is they both have had or have volcanic activity. both have had worlds walk on them. and they both have besides been hit by asteroids and meteors. The Earth has an ambiance while the Moon does non. Because of this the Earth has life while the Moon does non. The Earth besides still has a firing nucleus with thermic energy while the Moon has cooled down. Ch. 9

1. Briefly explain why comets. asteroids. and meteorites are so utile in assisting us understand the history of the solar system.
All three of these all help us larn about the solar system because of their natural do up and by their orbits. They besides have alone formations of different metals. 9. describe the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud in footings of their locations and the orbits of comets within them. How did comets come to be in these two parts?

The Kuiper and Oort belt are non a cloud of gas but they are a aggregation of many single comets. Comets come into being in them by ice organizing on them because of how far they are from the Sun. They become like a elephantine sweet sand verbena. They travel around the Sun near to the orbit of a planet. 13. briefly describe the grounds proposing that the mass extinction that killed off the dinosaurs was caused by an impact. How did the impact lead to the mass extinction?

There is grounds of different beds on Earth that show elements that have came from impacts on Earth. The mass extinction could non hold been caused merely by the impact. but the carbon black and other effects of the impact killed off the workss which destroyed the nutrient concatenation and caused the dinosaurs to go nonextant. 14. How frequently should we anticipate impacts of assorted sizes on Earth? How serious a menace do we face from these impacts? A graph says we may acquire a atmospheric detonation or little crater within the following twelvemonth to 1000 old ages. Then impacts that cause clime alteration and tsunamis likely would go on within the following 1000 to million old ages. A impact that could do mass extinction would within the following 100 million old ages to one time in earth’s history.

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