AT&T and the Telephone Industry

4 April 2015
Role of firm in long-distance telephone industry, marketing, competition, technologies, breakups and the future. Includes chart.

The long distance telephone industry is an oligopoly with three major participants: AT&T, MCI and Sprint. These companies aggressively compete for market share and revenue in this industry, although AT&T is clearly the largest of the three competitors. The industry has been characterized by a great deal of change during the last ten years, and AT&T recently announced that it was adding to the confusion by breaking its three strategic business units into distinct companies. This research examines the nature of the long distance market, and the role that AT&T plays in that market.

AT&T and the Telephone Industry Essay Example

Nature of Demand
The telephone is a ubiquitous instrument found in nearly every American home and business. It has transformed the world, effectively taking it a ..

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