Athena’s Role in The Odyssey

4 April 2015
Focuses on Athena’s intervention with Odysseus in `The Odyssey.`

This paper examines `The Odyssey` through the eyes of Athena and her relationships with Telemachus, Odysseus, and Penelope.
`Telemachus is the first person to encounter Athena in the Odyssey, and in fact he is the one who needs the most attention, due to his lack of age. Athena has a plan to destroy the suitors who devour Odysseus’ wealth, but in order for it to work, Telemachus has to go through his rites of passage, to become a man. Athena knew that Odysseus’ blood ran through the veins of young Telemachus and that all he needed to get it pumping was a little adventure. She decided to send him to Nestor in Pylos and Menaleus in Sparta for news of his father. They were two men who knew his father well and would be able to give Telemachus a sense of who his father is. She is sure to stay by Telemachus’ side at all times to teach him the tricks of the trade. Like a father would. She did this until he felt secure in making his own decisions. Even then she was there to give him an encouraging word or two. `

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