Athenian Democracy

The Athenian Democracy was classified as a direct democracy which means that they were a form of government in which a group of Just ordinary people make decisions. Any male citizen could make a decisions but women, slaves and others were not allowed and were born elsewhere. Even though it was made up of male Athenians and women didn’t have much right, the people in a way were all treated equally. The Athenian democracy pretty much dissolved due to numerous changes. The Athenian government was broken down into hierarchic and structures such as an assembly, council and “peoples court”.

You could say that it was frowned upon by many people and even criticized a lot as well. It was an oligarchy but it was replaced by direct democracy government later on. The main achievement of the Greeks were the cultural aspects and things such as language arts, and science had a big impact as well. Whereas, the Romans focused more so on the political side. The Greeks were more of a perfectionists. The Greeks generally stressed over wealth while the Romans fought and worried about materialistic things. The Romans conquered the Greeks, and generally discovered something new.

The Roman Republic was set to be a type of government in which the people would choose the rep. to govern them. It simply relied heavily on the principles of check and balances system to get by. Changes could be made more easily than could the Athenians. The Romans had very little outside enemies so they didn’t have much to worry about. It was considered the “upper class”. Most of the Romans had wealth and had a big basis of land ownership. This internment government showed some form of stability and effectiveness. On the flip side, the Athenian “wealth came mostly rom a lot of barters and trades..

Both governments relied on a system of senates or people who represent the people and work for the better of the nations. They both were very influential in their own unique way but the Roman Republic definitely had a more vital impact. In so many words, you could also say that the Athenian Democracy along with the Roman Republic gave the U. S. a “head start” so to say. In the end, success of both was the ultimate downfall of political institutions. Reference: Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics and Society. Athenian Democracy By wayaboveme

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