Atomic Bomb

6 June 2017

The few who did survive had to cope with the devastation of losing limbs, witnessing family and neighbors dying, and loved ones suffering in agony. Children were left orphaned and suffered as they watched their parents burn and die in front of their eyes. Mothers dealt with the loss of their young and the fact that there was nothing they could do. There was no explanation for such terror and devastation on this random day, Just warfare that could have been handled differently. The bombing of Hiroshima was not a military target.

Targeting a densely opulated city instead of a specific military facility within a city was not allowed in the Geneva Convention and international law. Thousands of innocent lives were destroyed and thousands of others suffered the lifelong effects of radiation poisoning and cancer. Radiation poisoning was so severe, organs would almost immediately begin to fail. In the early stages of the explosion, temperatures got high enough to melt the skin off of people.

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Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson wrote to Truman about the casualties of the war. He expressed how inhumane dropping an atomic bomb would be.

He also mentioned that an act like this would be out of character for America’s reputation. This letter he wrote to Truman should have brought upon new ideas regarding the attack and our involvement. If China would not handle it themselves, American should have come up with tactics that would not injure thousands of innocent people. Truman claimed in one of his diaries that the objective was to target military and army forces. He claimed to have wanted to avoid any women and children. If this were true, why would the target place be one of the most populated cities in the country? Clearly innocent people would be in danger.

Truman even comments on how terrible of a weapon the bomb was yet he still ordered for it to be used. This carelessness proves how unjustified and inhumane the bombings were. In America’s defense, using the bomb was said to save millions thousands of our soldiers lives. Of course this is a good thing, but a benefit this big in exchange for the lives of the innocent? Soldiers were put to serve and fght for a country, using an atomic bomb as a defense to save the lives of those who are put to fght in exchange for a surrender that also took the lives of women and children ninvolved is malicious and not a Justified act of warfare.

Another reason why America was unjustified in dropping the atomic bombs was that fact that Japan was said to surrender a few months after the first warning was given. During the war, over 65 cities were destroyed already. Japan would soon realize that hope was fading away and in order to save the lives of their people and soldiers, surrendering would be the only option. After terms were given to Japan that included surrender of arms forces, possessions under American direction, and the surrendering of war criminals nd prisoners, Japan was rejected peace because of their inflexibility towards American terms.

In addition, the U. S did not give enough time for word to spread about the bombing. If the warning would have been given time to pass through out the cities,innocent lives would have escaped devastation. Also, if the Japanese were aware of how disastrous the atomic bomb was and its capable effects surrendering would be the only option in order to protect the lives of their people and land. No matter what the cause was said to have been, whether it be saving lives on the

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