Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

6 June 2016

George F. Still, a physician in 1902 was credited as being one of the first authors who open light on the preliminary findings on ADHD. The earlier talk was on “defective moral control”. In the 1930s and 1940s Heinz Werner and Alfred Strauss were able to identify children who were hyperactive and distractible. With further medical findings, the children are later said to exhibit the symptoms of ADHD.

After medicine, ADHD was considered a psychological problem.  Psychologists put strength into researching the cause and treatment for ADHD. They come up with treatment plan base on psychology – basically behavioral therapy (Adam James, 2004).. Psychological findings in ADHD address six basic problems encountered by sufferers and their families. There is a notable stress and anxiety resulting from struggles to meet life’s demands.

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There is a sense of low self-esteem, there is a feeling on incompetence, and there is also a characteristic feeling of grief over inability to meet up a task deadline – lack of in accomplishment. Furthermore, psychologists also research that ADHD patients have feelings of helplessness and lastly a poor social skills – not socially fit among colleagues. Psychologists explain that none of these problems are core symptoms of ADHD. Instead, they result from psychological deposit as a result of the medical condition of the ADHD itself.

Psychotherapy tends to research on the development of behavioral skills that could help impact ease on the situations and further prevent co-morbidities – associated degeneration (Barkley, n.d).  There is a suggested guide on child development of organizational skills, time management skills. These are therapeutically essential to train the child as he matures.


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