Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation

1 January 2017

In this essay we are going to look at some resources that can help the teacher in making some decisions in his/her professional development. As, spending time with a professional technology computer lab instructor at a pre-k through fifth grade school this has been a rewarding challenge in helping these children with this resource. The resource that we are using is the Google Custom Search Engine.

Its purpose is to search different web sites that the children/students are looking for. The history of this Google Custom Search Engine has been around since 2006 (Google 2006). The Internet at this time is a new thing to bring into our schools when we are experimenting with how to best integrate it into the curriculum that is already in use. This tool will help all our children to do book reports and research different things for example: different animals that are in the curriculum. All of the Kindergarten teachers and I are working together to plan a trip for the children to go see animals at the zoo in Houston Texas.

Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation Essay Example

The teachers had come up with a list of the different animals that they would like for the children to visit and I will be helping the students to search for them on the Internet. As we find something interesting, the children/students will be drawing a picture of the animal and will write down one fact about the animals. The school district will block out any inappropriate content that the students come across and they will not be able to access the site. The CSE will help the teacher and students to follow ways to stay away from inappropriate websites.

The best thing about CSE is that it is free of charge. The entire teacher staff will need to set-up a Google account. This makes it a great tool for the school considering all the budget cuts we have had at all the schools. The CSE will help students to find relevant information and help students to use reliable sources. CSE is a very powerful tool to add to a teacher’s arsenal resources. The next tool that is great for our teachers’ to add to their arsenal resources would be the Parent Teacher Organization.

This is an organization has been around since 1895 and it was started by lady named Alice McLellan Birney (Minnesota State PTA Office). This organization as stated in this article written by the Minnesota state Parent Teacher Association office (PTA) “the main concerns were for the welfare of children that was being followed closely by Selena Sloan Butler, an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, Georgia here in 1911, and it was to get the assistance of the National Congress of Mothers and Parent Teachers Association (PTA) to help the teachers to have fundraisers for their children to go on fields trips during the school year.

Selena Butler formed the first Colored Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which was later changed to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at the Yonge Street Elementary school in Atlanta. Selena Butler was elected the first National President. The National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers did not unite with the National PTA until 1970 because of individual state segregation laws. A Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff.

The organization’s goals may vary from organization to organization, but mainly the goals included volunteers of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community involvement, and welfare of students and families. It is similar to a (PTA) or Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA). This tool is a great way to get parents of students in your classroom to help collect the cost-free supplies and to help the students to with the different projects for the class.

For example the supplies would be large-size ice cream vats, the type used at multi-flavor-type stores, in making wonderful storage cubicles. This is beautiful when piled up on one another (Kronowitz, 2008). The last reasons are to have fundraisers to raise money for school trips that the students will be taking during the school year and for playground equipment. The “Evernote” is a good tool for us as educator to organize our work. The evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your veryday life using your computer, phone, tablet and web this is a great tool to teach our children/students how to stay organized in school of today. In conclusion these resources are readily available for our teachers to have effective instruction tools in his/her classroom to help our children/students in this digital world to come.

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