Guangzhou Crocodile Park) over the past year and most visitors are Chinese families. It is believed that there Is an intense demand of theme park in China and domestic tourist flow Is the maln source of tourists for the Chlmelong Group. Hence, theme report, market study of the XiangJiang Safari Park is undergone. Characteristics and behavior of target market shows that there is inadequate interaction between animals and tourists particularly children in the safari park. Also, children are crucial influencers towards parent leisure decision.

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Based on the analysis, a new attraction Petting Park” is designated for the target group’s needs. Hence, Petting Park will stress on “edutainment” concept which is educational value and entertainment brought to children. Getting close contact with baby animals is the main feature of the attraction. It aims to satisfy target customers’ needs and increase visitor retention. Table of content Introduction Theme park is an important component in travel industry as an attraction. These days, theme park industry in China is developing rapidly.

There are over 2,500 theme parks around China. However, there are 70% of them suffer from loss, including the XiangJiang Safari Park. In order to increase the number of visitors thus to increase the profit, a new attraction – the Petting Park is chosen to be built in Guangzhou XiangJiang Safari Park. The Petting Park is a newly designed attraction mainly targeting family with children. It is aimed to attract both new and repeated visitors. Objectives The main objective of this proposal is to increase the visitor number of XiangJiang Safari Park.

It is expected to increase 600000 (5% out of the total visitors in 2010) visitors in coming year through attracting more family customers and increasing repeated customers. Measurement of objectives A 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits by 25% – 85%. Gang & Feng, 2007: According to the studies, there is a positive relationship between satisfaction and revisit intention (Kozak, 2001; Yuksel, 2001; Baker & Crompton, 2000). Therefore, it can increase customers’ satisfaction and create customers’ loyalty through the product enhancement.

As suggested by Oliver (1980), consumers would

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develop expectations and compare them with the actual performance. If the actual performance exceeds expectation, a positive disconfirmation will occur. Consumers are highly satisfied and will be more illing to repurchase the same products, vice versa (See Figure 1). Figure 1: the Expectation-Disconfirmation Paradigm In addition, the repeated customers represent more than Just a stable source of revenues, but also act as “information channels that informally link networks of friends, relatives and other potential travelers to a destination” (Reid and Reid,1993, p. 3).

They can provide a potential for free advertising (word of mouth). Therefore, it can both increase the market share and keep the loyal customers. Methodology This is a descriptive quantitative research study with the objective to increase the isitor number of XiangJiang Safari Park. In order to conduct analysis, evaluation and provide recommendation, both primary data and secondary data are collected in this study. Primary data A field trip was made to XiangJiang Safari Park on 27 February 2011. We randomly picked up some families with children to have brief conversation asking about their main motivation of purchasing the product.

Besides, we had an in-depth observation to observe the tourist characteristics and the products performance in Safari Park by divided our group members in pairs. Secondary Data In order to support this study, secondary data was searched from the libraries of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Public Library Statistics concerning the expectation of family visiting theme park. In addition, books, Journals, newspaper and statistical reports are reviewed, summarized and quoted in various sections in this report.

Background information Main Product The XiangJiang safari park in under the Chimelong group and opened in 1997. It is located at Guangzhou Panyu (Appendix 1). It is biggest animal theme park in China Hill, Dragon Hill, Monkey Hill, Australia Zone and Self-drive Scenic Spot (Appendix 2). The main feature of Self-drive Scenic Spot is that tourists can closely watch the wild animals by driving their own cars or taking train. Also, white tigers, parrots performance can be seen in Perform Area. Moreover, nearly 460 species can be found in the safari park and some are even recognized as endangered species in the world.

Positioning Strategy Aiming at “protecting wildlife, protecting natural resources”, the safari park positions itself as wildlife conservation, educational and entertaining theme park. It becomes one of the most successful animal theme parks in the region as there are over ten illions tourists accumulated to visit since its opening. Existing Target Market The safari park provides entertainment facilities with education and wildlife conservation purpose, it targets local and overseas visitors especially families with children.

Their main target is family as it can be found that most of the tourists are families with children during the visiting (Appendix 3). Market Study Analysis of the importance of attributes and the evaluation of the performance is a vital step for the management and further improvement in a competitive environment nowadays (Choi & Chu, 2000). Conducting market studies can help to find out the potential customers and strategically important for product innovation that further satisfy the visitors. Opportunity China carries the largest population in the world.

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