Attributes of entrepreneur

6 June 2017

Confidence positive thlnklng is a major step In the direction of success 5. Positive thinker entrepreneur are positive thinkers. Wealth does not always come to the most intelligent or the most ambitious individuals. Patience -when one owns who his business, there will be times when feels like the roof of craving-in. 7. Decisiveness – one should go with his intuition and trust that he is doing the right thing 8. Experience component for growth – as a key 9. Information seeking – entrepreneur should seek information with client and competitors, seek advice. 10. Perseverance – must be willing to persevere during rough times 11. Drive – needs to be totally committed 12. Risk taking – prefer tasks, which provide them some challenges 13.

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Innovation creative, they do things in new and different ways 14. Opportunity-seeking – readily identifies opportunities for going into or to improve his business 15. Demand for efficiency and quality – entrepreneur always strives to find ways to do things better, faster and at a lower cost 16. Systematic planning and monitoring – introduces some system in achlevlng his goals by breaking this goal Into short term and long term goals 11. Persuasion and networking – easy establishes a network or personal and business contacts around them

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