Auditory Learning

2 February 2017

Doing the personal evaluation was harder than I expected it to be.

Out of the fourteen statements I was unable to pick just A, B, or C. Eight of the statements have a dual answer. The most effective way for me to learn information is the Auditory Learning Style and Kinesthetic Learning Style. As I read the tendencies for both the Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles I checked each tendency that I do a daily basis and realized that it’s split down the middle.As I was growing up I had a problem retaining information that I read. I would read a paragraph and forget half of what I read or just lose interest in it, then start over again. My first grade teacher caught on to this.

When she would read out loud I wouldn’t have any problems remembering what she said. She gave me two things to try.

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One was to read out loud and see if I remember the information I just read. Two was to read it then write it down.At times I would write the same thing down up to five times. By doing this I was able to retain the information. I have learned that reading out loud, just loud enough so that all I hear is me.

Reading out loud is like being at a lecture. As I am reading I am listening to it and am able to retain the information without repeating it. As I read, I put what I read into a mental image of something that I have experienced or what someone told me they experienced before.

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