5 May 2019

I am Mexican, so that obviously means that I have a big family, but missing one person does effect the family greatly.
Before my mother even had kids or got married, her older sister died from cancer at a very young age.
My aunts life began by being raised in a big family with 4 sisters and 3 brothers.
I have 4 aunts Maricela, Maria, Angelica, and my Madrina, “godmother” Dora, but since my aunt Angelica passed away I am only left with 3. All my aunts act the same in each and every way, they look and act exactly the same. I could just imagine my aunt by looking at my mom and aunts. I knew she would be somewhere in the middle of looking like my aunt Maria and my madrina Dora, they had they same face, hair, and the same personality.

My aunt “Angelica” was the second oldest out of the girls. My oldest aunt “Maria” and her decided to run away with their boyfriends. My oldest aunt Maria just 16 and Angelica only 14, so later they both ended up getting married.
Angelica had two kids by the age fifeteen, my older cousin Jacqueline or Jackie and her little brother Fransisco. Once my aunt died, my two cousins had to be left in the care of my grandmother.

Aunt Essay Example

I am always hearing things about my aunt, about how great and warm- hearted she was. My cousins Fransisco and Jackie never really knew what she was like either, because they were so young when she passed away. The same goes for my sisters, my brother, all my cousins, and me.
Moments before my aunt died, her husband promised her that he would NEVER remarry ANYONE, but unfortuntely he did and not once, but twice. Since then none of us rarely ever hear from him, not even his own kids.
Even though my aunt passed away my uncle stillls tries to make time for us, even though he has already started a new life with his new wife and little girl. Luckliy my uncle was able to come for his grandson’s baptism, and it was really good to see him. After my cousin’s baptism we all headed over to my house where EVERYONE was staying, we were all just hanging around, enjoying each others company, when his eyes met my aunts picture. He just blocked out the whole world and concentrated on only her. Seeing his face when he saw her picture is something that I will never forget. It was a look between shock and happiness.
It doesn’t make me mad that my uncle got remarried, but the thing that makes me angry is that he promised her a life-long promise and broke it months after her death. He should have never promised something that he knew he couldn’t accomplish.

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