Autism vs. Rain Man

Introduction of Psychology, Coon describes the word Autism by focusing on autistics only focus on music, drawing, prime numbers, license plates, TV commercials and etc. Dustin Hoffman’s role in the movie Rain Man does fit the description of autistic persons. In the movie Rain Man, the things that affected For example, when Raymond heard loud sounds, he starts banging his head with his hands because he doesn’t like it because it gets him scared and he doesn’t know how to calm down.

Another one is he doesn’t like going on airplanes, both because he read about so many airplanes crashes and if he might go on an airplane he would be scared that it would happen to him. It was hard for Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman) to understand humor in daily life because this is another obstacle autistic people go through because it is not easy trying to each an autistic person humor because they can’t laugh at you when you’re saying a joke to them.

However in the movie, Rain Man kept saying something about first base and second base in baseball. Charlie Babbitt was his brother and he told him “you will never find who’s on First base it’s just a joke” the response that Rain Main said to Charlie Babbitt was I will find it he said. It was difficult trying to laugh with Rain Man because he wasn’t a humor type of guy so it was hard to get a joke out of him rather than laughing with a normal person who doesn’t have autism and know what a joke is when they hear it.

In Rain Man’s case he had a gift that vary people, even autistic don’t have. For instance, Rain Man was a good at numbers, memorizing books and other things too but, one of the things that Rain Man was definitely good at was numbers because he calculate them in his head. Suddenly when his brother Charlie Babbitt found out he was good at calculating numbers he took advantage of him. Today autistic people can be taken advantage of people they don’t know just to satisfy their needs.

What Charlie Babbitt did to Rain Man wasn’t right at all because he used to Rain Man to raise money for his car business and before it goes out of business. He has no chance letting the get their money back. Charlie realized it wasn’t just for the money anymore,but he rather loves his big brother Rain Man who has autism and wants to spend time with him and doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

In the conclusion, autistic people can be taken advantage of due to their special ability and how it can affect their daily life. They also don’t know that if they are used for good or for bad. At the end of the movie Charlie changed because the money didn’t matter to him anymore when he first discover Rain Man special talent which was calculating numbers and now Charlie see Rain Man as a loving and caring older brother that protected him since he was a little baby.

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