Autobiographical Sketch Layout

1 January 2017

My name is Courtney Marie Bukovitz. I wasn’t named after anyone else as far as I know. I’m 15 years old and was born on July 23, 1996 in Akron, Ohio. I have a few times but never out of Ohio. I don’t have many aunts, uncles or cousins, but the ones I do have live in a different state. My mom has 4 siblings and my dad has 1. Me on the other hand, I have 3 half siblings and 3 step siblings, I’m the youngest child. I honestly despise watching sports but I love to play them. What I usually do is hang out with my friends and doodle random pictures.

The last time I went on vacation was in November, 2012 to Florida to visit family. Anytime I’ve went on vacation I’ve always stayed at my aunt or grandma’s house, so I never really stayed in a Hotel. My favorite kind of music is mainly old rock like Nirvana or alternative such as A Day To Remember. Their music is about real life situations and ideas, rather than fake love stories, lust and drugs. If I could describe myself in 3 words it’d be creative, spontaneous and independent. The high school I have attended is North High School.

Autobiographical Sketch Layout Essay Example

I don’t really have a favorite subject, but my weakness class is Biology. My strength class is History and anything that has to do with the visual arts. The class I dislike the most would be study hall, I don’t like study hall just because I find it useless. It may provide a child with the time to study but to me it’s a waste of time. My plan is to graduate from North High School in 2014 and then go to college to study to be a private investigator. I’m into the discovery of truth and justice and I’m someone who won’t stop until I achieve the truth.

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