1 January 2017

My name is Andrea Moore. I am twenty nine years old. I am the oldest of three children and I have been married for three years to Tim Moore. Tim and I live in Philadelphia, MS. We have two “children” named Mia (a dog) and Bella (a cat. ) The most important thing in my life is my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without that relationship I would not have gotten anywhere in life. I have completed some college courses. My major in college was in Elementary Music Education. Music is a big part of what I do!

I try my best to incorporate music into my every day teaching routine. I am currently employed at First Baptist Child Ministry Center in Philadelphia, MS where I have had a total of 3 years experience. One and a half years was spent teaching two year olds and for the past year and a half I have been teaching in the four year old kindergarten program. I believe that God has blessed me with a gift to work with children. Since I was in Jr. High School I have enjoyed being around and teaching children. I began babysitting children at the age of 12.

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I am a very hands-on learner and believe that most children are the same. Most everything that I do in my classroom is very hands-on. It is also my belief that learning should be made fun for everyone involved! Children learn as they play so why not make learning fun! I enjoy searching books and the internet for new ideas to help my children learn. Even though God has not yet blessed me with children of my own, I believe that each year I am blessed with a classroom full of children that become my own in a way.

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