Autobiography Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton Essay Sample

8 August 2017

In the autobiography Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton three key thoughts I found interesting were resiliency. hope and bravery. Soul Surfer is an animating true narrative about a 13 twelvemonth old miss acquiring her arm bitten off by a shark. Bethany. from the age of two had a passion for surfing. when this event occurred the possibility of being able to trail her dream of being a professional surfboarder became “blurred” . The cardinal thoughts of resiliency. hope and bravery are portrayed throughout this text most significantly after this accident had occurred.

An thought in the text that I find interesting is resiliency. Resilience is the ability to resile back from disputing state of affairss. Bethany Hamilton losing her arm caused this quality to be tested. Bethany demonstrates resiliency particularly when she had entered her first surfboarding competition after the onslaught. With the loss of one arm. this undertaking was ever traveling to be disputing.

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While Bethany is in “the impact zone” she gets knocked down from the force of the moving ridges. Like in existent life. the determination to “get back up” is a presentation of resiliency. To surfers the “impact zone” is when the surfboarder receives the worst whipping after” pass overing out” or “paddling out” . This is where the moving ridges break most systematically and fiercely.

In life. the “impact zone” is where you are forced to resile back after traveling through a unsmooth period in life or a hard state of affairs. Bethany inspires resiliency in others when she visits a 7 twelvemonth old male child in 2009. This male child lost his arm in a auto accident and believed he could ne’er play baseball once more. Bethany actuating this male child to non give up shows us her presentation of resiliency is an illustration to follow by others. I find this thought interesting because it is really relevant to every twenty-four hours life. Resilience is a quality required in many state of affairss. Possessing it is a gift because it triggers your hibernating abilities such as concealed strengths. beliefs and assurance. We all have learnt one manner or another that “life doesn’t acquire easier or more forgiving. we merely acquire stronger and more resilient. ” This text encourages this quality to be practiced through all tough state of affairss.

Another thought that I find interesting in the autobiography Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton is bravery. Courage is get the better ofing fright and making what scares you. Often we ne’er know when we are being brave. this text shows Bethany’s journey to going brave. Courage is shown most significantly in the text when Bethany chose to go to Thailand to help in the clean up procedure of the Tsunami. Bethany. when she arrived. stood on the border of the beach watching the sea inquiring why “everyone was so panicky of the H2O. ” She watched a group of kids sitting on the sand without anyone to look after them. Bethany realises all of those kids are orphans as a consequence of the Tsunami. Sarah. the counsel council member of the trip to Thailand. walks over to Bethany while she is experiencing disquieted that these kids have no household. Sarah inspires Bethany to have a different “perspective” and to gain “compassion can drive us to have alternate perspectives” . From this advice. Bethany starts to experience blessed that she has survived and still has household. Bethany so inspires all the kids to travel and hold a swim to confront their frights.

Other citizens in Thailand watched and clapped to back up Bethany giving these kids the bravery to confront their frights. I found this thought interesting because it takes a batch of bravery to set your ain state of affairs on clasp to gain others are in worse state of affairss than yourself. Bethany making this proved to me that she was “showing bravery by making something out of the ordinary to better her life. ” This thought is relevant to society because unless people have courage to confront their frights and to acquire back up after neglecting. we wouldn’t have the resources we are supplied with today. 12. 000 people were saved in Thailand because of the voluntaries. such as Bethany. who helped feed hungering people and rebuild places. These voluntaries showed bravery that had driven back their frights. and it has allowed them to truly unrecorded life the manner it is meant to be lived. Soul Surfer is a text that motivates people of all ages to seek new things even if it scares them ; it shows us that bravery can take to get the better ofing hard state of affairss which everyone brushs at some point in their lives.

Another thought I found interesting in the text Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton is hope. Hope is cognizing and strongly believing that though one is in a hard state of affairs. things will better. This is exemplified in the text when Bethany competes in the Hawaiian Island subjects. Her presence entirely gives hope and motive to others to win. Bethany. in the last minute of the competition scores a “9. 7” on a moving ridge which required her to merely necessitate another “9” to win the national event. Although the Siren goes off to stop the competition after Bethany has surfed a brilliant moving ridge she “won in everybody else’s eyes. ”

Her protagonists realise “if you lose hope. somehow you lose the verve that keeps life traveling. You lose courage to be that quality that helps you keep forcing on in malice of everything. ” I found this thought interesting because like resiliency and bravery hope is needed to non give up on yourself. This universe would be a much different topographic point if everyone thought the ends they had set in life were excessively hard. they wouldn’t believe in themselves to accomplish them. It is a relevant thought to life as “hope will ever be the route map to life. It will be 1s guide to the way of success and felicity. ” Hope is required in many state of affairss. Hope was required in Bethany’s state of affairs and it allowed her to believe she could surf once more. Without this hope. Bethany would ne’er hold been able to “embrace more people than she would hold with two weaponries. ”

In decision the autobiography Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton has many thoughts that I find interesting. These thoughts are resiliency. bravery and hope. Soul Surfer is an animating true narrative of a miss crushing the odds and ne’er giving up. I have learnt that through resiliency we can hold bravery to ne’er give up on our ends. Hope is required along the journey to believe you will accomplish these ends. We need to gain that “being knocked down” is portion of life and if “we can demo people we are strong plenty to acquire back up” success and felicity will follow.

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