9 September 2016

I am Laura Torrealba, I was born in July 26th in Aragua de Barcelona Anzoategui State, I am the oldest of six children. I have two sisters and three brothers. When I was 19 years old I move to Maracay because I wanted to find more work and study opportunities. I live in my aunt’s house and I work in a shop in C. C. Parque Aragua. I am a quite person, friendly, joyful and quite stubborn. I like reading books especially novels and go trekking with my boyfriend and his friends.

When I moved to Maracay I could find more options than I had in Zaraza or Aragua de Barcelona, in my studies I wanted to study English but it was difficult because as Aragua de Barcelona as Zaraza offer a few careers none of them had relation with English. In Maracay I could find what I want in UPEL so I took the test and I passed it, I was really excited. Nowadays I have still been studying English in this university, for me it is really important to study what you really want because this is the best way to achieve to be successful.

Autobiography Essay Example

I had never had a job before arrive to Maracay, I could find one so I could learn to be more responsible and how to earn my own money. It was not easy but I think that when you work you learn the true value of something so you appreciate because you have efforted to get what you really wants. It was a big chance and I felt a little scared because I had never been in a city for long time, the first thing I learnt was how to go home using different ways, I used to go out and explore the city by myself until met Jairo Montilla my neighbor, we went out to the cinema, zoo, some places I had never been before, that was great!.

When I started the university, I met most of my best friends and nowadays I feel like home. I have lived a lot of experiences since I moved to Maracay, most of them are beautiful, I love this city but I still miss my town and my family, I am going to live here of awhile until I graduate and I will back to my farm with my dad and my brothers and sisters.

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