Automobiles: The Best Manufacturer Sites

4 April 2015
This paper analyzes the various marketing techniques that the automobile industry uses on the Internet.

An examination of 20 sites of automobile manufacturers seeking to understand how car manufacturers use marketing strategies to attract customers. The investigation also reveals the best and worst Internet sites that the industry has to offer. The websites of various manufacturers and dealers allow the consumer to see the makes and models available and the retail price of the car. This leads to a well-informed consumer that will not be taken advantage of when they arrive at the dealership. The marketing strategies that the automobile industry uses include price comparisons, online quotes, online financing, brochures, customization, pictures and video of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. All of these strategies create a confident and well-informed consumer.
“Honda manufactures automobiles under the brand name Honda and Acura. provides consumers with a very simple black and white home page and allows viewers to locate a dealer, view models, and a page for owners that provides information about vehicle maintenance and parts and services. The site provides 360 view of new vehicles through the use of photos and videos. This allows the consumer to view the interior and exterior of the vehicle with a few clicks of the mouse. The site also allows the consumer to customize a vehicle and view the MSRP. The Honda site is well designed and provides the consumer with relevant information. The simple design of the site provides for easy navigation and easy access to information that matters.”

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