Avenged Sevenfold

11 November 2018

After the international success of previous album ‘City of Evil’ Avenged Sevenfold was ready to rock the world yet again. The California based dudes have been looked at as a new Metallica. With a new metal sound, they have great guitar solos and drums that will make your heart pound.

‘Avenged Sevenfold’ is their third full-length album and was released on 2007 and has brought all new fans. Each song tells its own story, some even about events that have happened recently. In the song ‘Gunslinger’ it is about being a soldier in the army and the band dedicated it to the brave men and women protecting us in Iraq. Also in ‘Critical Acclaim’ it has some points about the political America we live in. Even thought this is a metal band, there are still a few songs that are slower and bring in more a relaxing beat, a good combination of both heavy and light.

Avenged Sevenfold Essay Example

With the deranged drums and possessed guitar work together to form a new sound that is like nothing before. Lead guitarist Synyster Gates takes over minds with the sharp, ear piercing sound that brainwashes metal lovers into listening to the music. If anyone is looking for a head-banging good time, listen to Avenged sevenfold. Every metal fan should listen to this album, bout if you don’t like metal’stay away.

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