Aviation Technology of the Post-War period After the conclusion of World War two (WW2), aviation took off and became one of the largest Industries in the world. Over 300,000 aircraft were produced. The post- Industry. At the end of WW2 the U. S. government founded the Army Alr Corps which was the united States Air Force. Commercial aviation also advanced significantly, allowing people to travel all over the world In a short amount of time. This would also benefit the business world by allowing more business to be conducted throughout he country.

Military planes Improved greatly and had a big role In the Korean and Vietnam War. Post WW2 the Douglas Aircraft Company released the DC-7 which was the start of the commercial aviation advancements. With the ease of aviation businessmen, families, and regular citizens could now travel easily across the country. The first commercial jet was released in 1952, DeHavilland Comet, by the British. But by 1 958 the Boeing Company released the Boeing 707 which was much more advanced and efficient than the Comet.

These airplanes provided much smoother and faster trips, nd they were the start of the successful Boeing production line. By 1967 the Boeing 737 was released and became one of the most successful Jets released. They are still used today by modern airlines. Competitions with the British’s DC-9 would push Boeing to make the 737 Jet to be as efficient and productive as possible. During the Post-War period commercial aviation would advance and the foundation would be created for the planes that are flown today. Wars from World War Two and up would now take advantage of the new aviation technology.

During the Korean War the F-80 and F-84 Jets would be used to conduct alr raids and provide close support to ground troops. The United States Navy used Grumman F9F Panther on aircraft carriers off of the Korean coast to conduct alr raids and strategic bombing runs. From the time of the Korean war up to the Vietnam war even more Improvements were made to aircraft. aviation essay By bduc the largest industries in the world.

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