Awake (album) by Skillet

1 January 2020

For the people who don’t know that band Skillet, they are a Christian rock band made up of John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, and Seth Morrison. They have made many albums but the one that I wanted to talk about and review was their latest one entitled Awake. This album is made up of songs that, I feel, are very powerful in speaking to people of all ages about certain problems. If you are in need of songs to listen to when you are down then this is the album for you. There is no main focus that all the songs can relate to but instead there are important life topics that everyone can relate to. For example, the first song in the album, Hero, is about needing a hero in your life. They sing about how a hero isn’t afraid to give his or hers life to save another. It is a very in powering song in my opinion. Most of the songs in this album have helped me on a personal level. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because Skillet is a Christian band that only Christians can relate and love the music. No, this album focuses on how life has many challenges and problems but you just have to stay focused and get through them with the help of your friends and family. The first time someone may listen to their music, they may not fully understand what the song is about but all you have to do is listen to the lyrics closely and you will understand all of the songs fully.
Overall, Skillets newest album Awake, is one of the most influential albums I have ever listened to. The songs have helped me and they all have an excellent message that tons of teens could relate to. I love this album and I highly recommend it if you are ever feeling down or just looking for some good music with a message in it.

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