Ayuba Suleiman Diallo

2 February 2018

Dial Reaction A West African native named Baby Salesman Dial, known as Dial, was not any not your ordinary slave.

Dial was so inordinate that he often called the “no common slave”. He was labeled as such cause he did things that other slaves could not do. He was a very well- educated merchant. He supplied parts of Europe with beeswax, gold, gum, ivory, and small numbers of slaves though out the 1 ass’s. The Various stages of the slave trade consisted of first capturing Africans then they were forced to march long stances to the African coast.The soon to be slaves marched with iron colors around their necks and with chains around their arms or legs. Many Africans died during the long march to the coast.

When they reached the coast of Africa, they captured Africans were held in prisons. They stayed there until they were forced to board ships that would take them on the long trip to America. Then they take was the long trip from Africa to America which was called the middle passage. Africans were then forced to remained in chains in the dark, hot, crowded space below deck.The slave trade was then taken place in the Americas. After slave ships landed at the west Indies, the Africans were sold into slavery. Learned that Africa was a place to find resources, slaves, and trading.

Merchants and plantation owners swarmed to African to obtain anything and everything that could them bring more profit them. The topic of Dial was briefly talked about and the assignment broadened knowledge on the topic of Dial and how him being a African didn’t stop his from being educated nor a merchant.

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