Aztecs The Great Civilization Essay Research

7 July 2017

Aztecs: The Great Civilization Essay, Research Paper

Aztecs The Great Civilization Essay Research Essay Example

Throughout history many people have formed together to make civilisations. Some civilisations were rapidly eliminated. Others lasted for centuries. Three premier illustrations of long permanent civilisations were the Aztec, Maya, and Inca Empires. All existed in Central and South America. All thrived, which resulted in promotions in many Fieldss that were equal, and frequently better than those made in Europe. All three could be called great civilisations. This raises the inquiry, what makes a civilisation great? Along with the inquiry of which civilisation was the greatest.

The individual most of import measuring of how great a civilisation is how content its people are. If the members of the civilisation are non content the civilisation will non boom economically, culturally, or otherwise. Happiness, or the desire to hold felicity, is the chief cause of the creative activity, and length of service of great civilisations. When the bulk of the people in a civilisation are content they are more productive and more observant. When a huge bulk of the population is content more inventions and more betterments come from that civilisation.

If there is unrest in a state it is impossible for that state to thrive. An unhappy civilisation merely will non last. When people are unhappy, they are unproductive, boisterous, and invariably oppugning their leaders. This can take to a putsch, a entire prostration, or an invasion by another civilisation.

The Aztec, Maya, Inca Empire all evidently had content peoples. They all were successful, booming civilisations. Of the three civilisations it is problematic which was the greatest. However, in this author? s sentiment the Aztec Empire was the greatest of the three because their people were the most content.

The Maya and Inca had admirable accomplishments. The Maya excelled in Math and had a really accura

Te calendar. The Inca had a system of assembly line type trade paths and were really affluent. However, this can non compare to the great achievements of the Aztec Empire.

The Aztec Empire existed for 100s of old ages. The Aztecs built mammoth temples with superior architectural design. Some of the original pieces of the Aztec? s grandest temple, The Temple of the Sun, is still standing in Mexico City. The Aztecs used the advanced agricultural method of aquicultures. Hydroponicss was a extremely advanced method in which vines were spread across a lake and green goods was planted and grew in the H2O. The Aztecs were the first civilisation to use the chocolate bean. Additionally, the Aztecs discovered an accurate calendar. Besides, the Aztecs had a structured educational system and a cloaca system

With so many achievements and luxuries it is easy to see why the Aztecs were so content. The Aztec people lived peaceable, comfy lives. War was simply ceremonial, and disease was at a lower limit. The Aztecs had even discovered a manner to execute cataract surgery uses crisp pieces of stone. Even if you were a common individual you would work really few hours a twenty-four hours. As a whole the Aztecs were really happy people. They were born into a healthy environment and were educated good. They could look frontward to populating really happy lives with excessive ceremonials and by and large happy lives.

No affair what conditions in which a civilisation founded, it has been proven that to boom in anytime period, anyplace in the universe the people in that civilisation must be content. The contentment of the people in a civilisation is what finally leads to success. The Aztecs are a premier illustration. The Aztecs lived good lives. They had many comfortss that most other civilisation at the clip did non hold. They were non invariably warring with rival folks. This contentment built the Aztec Empire and proved that felicity peers illustriousness.

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