Babbit Essay Research Paper This is the

9 September 2017

Babbit Essay, Research Paper

Babbit Essay Research Paper This is the Essay Example

This is the narrative of a adult male named George F. Babbitt. Babbitt is, in my head, the finest illustration of the mercenary individual. Babbitt bases his life purely on what he has and his societal standing. Babbitt cares small for anyone but himself. He treats his married woman with small regard and treats her severely. He merely seems to wish his girl Tinka. His other kids, Ted and Verna, seem to hold small importance to him. Babbitt & # 8217 ; s household seems to function as an irritation to him through the whole narrative. Babbitt really seems to wish really few people except for the brief minute when it seems to be progressing him socially. Babbitt lives in Floral Heights which is a instead ritzy lodging development in Zenith. He describes his house and it & # 8217 ; s flawlessness. He talks about the towels in the bathroom. He says that one towel is reserved for invitees but that it is ne’er used because even the invitees are excessively frightened to utilize it. One forenoon Babbitt is so irritated with his household that when he discovers that all the household towels are wet he uses the invitee towel. This is Babbitt & # 8217 ; s ain small signifier of rebellion. Babbitt is a existent estate agent. He talks about fixing to travel to work. He says that he has to do certain he wears the perfect outfit and that everything lucifers everything else. Babbitt takes rather awhile to fix because he is somewhat slow about happening his apparels. He can & # 8217 ; t wear one jacket with one brace of bloomerss he has to have on merely the right 1. Babbitt & # 8217 ; s house is non truly a house but instead a construction. Babbitt does non even kip in his sleeping room but instead on a sleeping porch. He can & # 8217 ; t afford to & # 8220 ; upset & # 8221 ; his room. He besides is non excessively fond of his married woman and feels no dedication to her what so of all time. So Babbitt slumbers on the porch. His married woman is much more dedicated to her hubby and she tries to assist him. Babbitt does non like her though and continually stairss all over her. Mrs. Babbitt runs the house while her hubby plant. She makes dinner and attempts to assist him happen apparels that lucifer. She takes attention of the kids who are besides instead unappreciative. Mrs. Babbitt does non hold much of a function in the narrative except as an obstruction to her hubby. She seems really diffident about her hubby & # 8217 ; s devotedness but when she inquiries him he fundamentally ignores her. Mrs. Babbitt is besides in charge of keeping dinner parties with the neighbours. This is the proper thing to make in Floral Heights and they attend and throw dinner parties on the weekend. They besides have card games. Mr. Babbitt is besides really fond of his & # 8220 ; cocktails & # 8221 ; . He takes great attention in the mode with which he mixes the drinks. He even goes to particular attempts to happen & # 8220 ; black market & # 8221 ; gin. Another merchandise that Babbitt is fond of is his coffin nails and there are a few chapters dedicated to them. Babbitt discusses the assorted lengths that he goes to to seek and discontinue smoke. He says that he locks his coffin nails in the bottom shortss of cabinets to forestall himself from easy happening them. This does non assist and he continues to smoke. He in fact begins to smoke more frequently. He buys himself a nice cigar cutter and begins to prize it as his favourite ownership. Babbitt takes the smallest things really earnestly. He is concerned non merely with what people think of him but besides what he owns. He is invariably seeking to be the best or at least at par with his workers. Babbitt loves the amusing strips and he reads them every dark. He reads them carefully so that he can analyse every item. He reads them because he finds them intellectually exciting. He makes certain that all of his images are hung

exactly in the middle of the walls and that everything is perfect in his house. He seems to find comfort in the small details. He mainly does it to try and impress the people that come and stay at his house. Babbitt has many people that he calls his friends. They are merely acquaintances but among these people are Paul and Zilla Rieslings. Every year the Babbitts travel to Maine with them. This year Babbitt decides that he wants to go on ahead so that he can take a break. He and Paul go together and the girls were going to follow. The men have a great time without the women. They stayed out every night and partied. Then they would crawl home after watching some women dance around. When the women finally arrive the real life comes back and the men are questioned about their whereabouts. They finally decide not to go out anymore. When Babbitt arrives at home his colleagues hold him in high esteem. He makes a few speeches and slowly moves up the society ladder. He is slightly disappointed that he does not become more accepted by the society climbers. Babbitt does not care though and he continues to have people over for dinner parties. He tries to convince his children that they want respectable jobs. Ted, his son, wants to train at home and not attend college. He is trying to explain this to his father who does not like the idea. Ted says that he doesn’t really want to go to college but that he would rather go to Japan. This upsets Babbitt. Babbitt tries to explain his point but then realizes that it could be worse. He decides that his son isn’t really too bad. Babbitt decides that he has a liking for young women. He begins to hit on anything n a skirt while his wife is out of town. He seems to have little remorse and actually tries to find attractive females. He finds that his mind is sinking into the gutter. If a young woman comes into his office he finds that he flirts with her. Mrs. Daniel Judique made the mistake of walking into his office on one of these days. Babbitt has an affair of sorts with her. He also has a crush on the young woman next door. She is young and married. She turns him down. When Mrs. Babbitt comes home she asks about his time alone and he leaves out the parts about the young women. She knows but she tries to accept it. The Babbits continue entertaining their guests. Mrs. Babbitt handles herself well and Babbitt finds is way back onto the social ladder. He finds out that the other people still like him. He becomes the vice president of the a club in his city. He is liked by most of the men in the town and begins to throw more parties. His wife becomes more and more annoyed about his “rendez-vous” with young ladies. He tries to escape her questions but she persists. Paul becomes so annoyed with Zila that he shots her in the shoulder and ends up in jail. He feels really bad and is glad that Babbitt is still his friend. Mrs. Babbitt says that she can’t believe that he did it. Soon Mrs. Babbitt becomes ill. Babbitt realizes that he was wrong to be so mean to her but still doesn’t really change. Ted comes home and tells his parents that he is going to be married. His mother is happy but surprised and she encourages him. Ted asks for his fathers approval while the ladies go to the kitchen. Babbitt tells Ted that he was never really happy with his life and that he should do whatever he thinks will make him happy. He tells Ted that all he really wants is for Ted to be happy and that he will be. They go together to face the parents of Ted’s new wife as well as a few other neighbors. In the end everyone is slightly happy but

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