Babel by Mumford & Sons

7 July 2019

Continuing the unique, creative legacy brought to us from “Sigh No More,” comes Mumford & Sons’ latest album, “Babel.” After hits “The Cave” and “Little Lion Man” from “Sigh No More,” expectations were almost unreachable for their sophomore album. But with 12 new tracks, listeners from around the world stay intrigued and amazed by the musical talents of Marcus Mumford and his fellow band members. “Babel” brings the same indie style introduced in Mumford’s debut album, in addition to different fashions, such as that in the song, “Hopeless Wanderer,” while still maintaining their personality. Opening with the song Babel, this album and its quick tempos show why it deserves recognition in the Billboard Top 200.

The blend of banjos, drums, and guitars speak for themselves. Add them to the strong, distinct voice, the moving lyrics, and the mix of slow and upbeat tempos and you’re left with true Mumford & Sons—one of the most popular, talented musical groups today.

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