Baby ft. Ludacris by Justin Bieber

9 September 2019

Justin Biebers new single entitled “Baby,” features famous rapper Ludacris and I really wish I had something good to say about this song, but I have to be honest, it kind of hurt to listen to it.

The song starts off with the verse “Oh whoa, Oh whoa, Oh whoa, You know you love me, I know you care, Just shout whenever, and I’ll be there, You are my love, You are my heart, and we will never ever-ever be apart,” which is no different from any other tween love song. Bieber didn’t even write this song (look it up yourself on ASCAP), which automatically proves that he can’t relate to his own music.
If the “artist” can’t take the time to write his own songs, then why should we take the time to listen to it.
The chord progression sounds like it came right out of a 1950’s jukebox, the kind of music that your grandpa might have listened to when he was your age, except with (what sounds like) a little girl singing with it.
This is the prime example of what is killing music today, the musicians who actually write their own music aren’t getting discovered because it’s too hard to get noticed with music that isn’t like everything else. Simplicity is in, it will never fade away unless we do something about the fakes that tweens idolize.

Baby ft. Ludacris by Justin Bieber Essay Example

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