6 June 2019

One day I overheard my mom talk about a family whose work schedules overlapped, leaving no one two watch their two children. Upon hearing their situation, I decided to help this family out by babysitting even though I didn’t need the money. I ultimately continued with it due to the many lessons I obtained. For instance, on the first day, while we were playing outside, the neighborhood kids argued over playing on the swings. I quickly came up with the solution of rock-paper-scissors, winning swinging first. I realized I had the ability to change a negative situation into an enjoyable game for the children. Two of the children, Stephen and Stephanie, taught me how creativity can come from the simplest things; imagination being the only tool needed. We turned plates into masks and the backyard into a medieval fortress. They also taught me that things can’t always be perfect and sometimes things are going to get messy but you can always clean it up. I learned more about myself each of the four times a week I spent at the household than I could have ever imagined. I continued babysitting throughout my high school career because of the bond I had formed with the children and the difference I had felt I was making in their family. It was rewarding to watch the kids grow and learn from things I was able to instill in them. After the swing crisis, whenever a conflict needed a resolution, the kids would break out into rock-paper-scissors. I will never forget the lifetime skills I obtained from an overall experience that has molded me into the person I am today. I went in thinking these rambunctious kids had a lot to learn from me, but they had much more to teach me.

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