Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was well known to be a troubled rebel. What some people don’t see is how talented this young artist was. Her “Back to Black” Album won five Grammy’s. She had an advantage of getting introduced to jazz music early on in life by her dad, which really influenced her way of communicating with the world through music.The album was filled with stunning and deep songs that highlighted her talents as well as her troubles.
“Rehab” was Amy’s most popular single off the album. Glee even did a cover of the song in their first season. It’s no secret to why the song got so popular, it was so intriguing. So many people have a connection to the song. “Rehab” was composed because Amy Winehouse’s management company wanted her to get help with her drinking problem. Her dad made a statement that she didn’t have a drinking problem “ my daddy thinks I‘m fine.” He said she was just love sick from her breakup. Later on she realized that she did have a problem but she still said no to rehab. Most of the songs on the album are an imprint of her breakup.
“Me and Mr. Jones” was influenced by Billy Paul’s song “Me and Mrs. Jones”. This 60’s inspired song, which her gloomy voice is perfect for, also had something to do with her boyfriend like “Rehab” did.She used another artists song to express her feelings about her boyfriend cheating on her. Amy being able to add her style to a song is one of her many talents that most musicians will never succeed at doing.
Amy’s vocabulary is extraordinary. She has a way with words, another talent of hers. “Tears Dry On Their Own”, like the other songs, was about her boyfriend leaving her for his ex girlfriend. “ I’ll be some next man’s other woman soon” is saying that she is always the second choice. She later ended up marrying the man this song was about.
Amy Winehouse wasn’t the best at making decisions, most of us aren’t, but she was a great singer and songwriter. All her songs have a deeper meaning. When listening to the album it feels like it was make in the 60’s, not 2006, when the album was released.Thanks to her dad, she sang blues until the day she died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011. Only 27, her talent was taken away so soon and will be missed. “Back To Black” captured her talents so they can be heard forever.

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