Back to School Tour – Deftones, Incubus and Taproot

The Deftones are a very influential rock band that hasbeen around for ten years. They are partly responsible for spawning the rap/rockphenomenon in the late ?s. Their mix of hard rock, melody, and a little bit ofhip hop has set them apart.

The Deftones have always been noted for theirlive shows, as they often play in smaller venues to create a more personalatmosphere. When I saw them, I was treated to an amazing show.

The concertopened with Taproot, a relatively new band that plays straightforward rock. Theyput on a good show, since the singer was very into performing, and even jumpedinto the mosh pits from time to time. Then Incubus played some upbeat songs,including the popular “Pardon Me,” along with more mellow songs like”Drive” and “Stellar.”

After they left the stage, agiant flag with the Deftones’ logo came down. About half an hour later it waslifted, revealing the Deftones, ready to play. They performed a blistering set,starting by playing material from their first album and continuing to recentradio hits like “Change,” “In the House of Flies” and”Back to School.” The mosh pits were going crazy, and the energy wasapparent throughout the show.

Leaving the stage for a few minutes, theband returned for an encore and played three favorites, with a cover of Weezer’s”Say It Ain’t So” mixed in. When the show ended, the audience leftsatisfied, having seen one of the best live acts.

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