Background of the Study and Significance of the Study Essay Sample

9 September 2017

1. 1 Background of the Study
Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) aims to better dealing procedures and automatize the handling of informations about concern activities and dealing. The survey is considered as Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) for it aims to better the current system being employed by the company and enable managing big sum of informations. Transaction Processing System is being introduced to concern houses to aids them in bettering their day-to-day dealing procedures and widens their cognition in computing machine systems that will transform their typical concern dealing into a more synergistic environment.

Vasquez Pharmacy is located at # 37 Mabolo Street Pag-asa Village. Barangay Katuparan. Taguig City. It is a merchandise oriented company which offers food market points and medical specialties. Vasquez Pharmacy was freshly established on April 27. 2012. They have merely one ( 1 ) Pharmacist. in-charge of managing all the medical specialties and 2 tellers in-charge in all the gross revenues minutess. Vasquez Pharmacy is unfastened 16 hours in a twenty-four hours and 7 yearss in a hebdomad.

Background of the Study and Significance of the Study Essay Sample Essay Example

Customers of Vasquez Pharmacy are normally tricycle drivers and people within its scope. The shop is near to the terminus of trikes and besides to the market place.
The developed system is designed to better the gross revenues dealing of Vasquez Pharmacy. The developed system is packed with characteristics that will heighten the gross revenues procedure and improved the undertakings done in the company. The developers developed the system to the company to better their manual process on their gross revenues dealing.

1. 4 Significance of the Study
The Gross saless Monitoring System is a computerized system that manages and updates the gross revenues of Vasquez Pharmacy. It will besides automatize manual calculation of gross and disbursals every month. This proposed Gross saless Monitoring System can profit the followers: * To the Vasquez Pharmacy

The system will supply them enhanced minutess and do their ain company more productive and if in instance the company expands. they are now familiar with how the system works and they can teach new employees in utilizing the
system. The system enables direction to efficaciously process orders. manage and analyze gross revenues.

• Purchasing Officer/ Owner – the system will minimise their undertakings in all the major minutess of the gross revenues.
• Pharmacist – The system will cognize if a certain medical specialty is in the critical degree and to forestall the deficit of the medical specialty supply.
• Cashier/s – the system will automatize the current manual dealing of gross revenues in cashiering. * To the Customers
The clients will profit from the system through the teller. It will better Vasquez Pharmacy cashiering minutess and extinguish the hold in paying the points purchased. * To the Developers

The developers of this system heighten their accomplishments in systems development and in communicating accomplishments. Through the systems development. the developers will larn how to work in a real-world concern environment and better one’s personality. Another is to develop assurance for calling in the hereafter. * To the Future Researchers

This survey will assist pupils to better their accomplishments in developing systems and present them to utilize new engineering in developing a system. It will besides be their usher in broadening such system. And besides this survey will function as a mention for those who want to better the proposed system and add characteristics to the system.

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