Background The Employee Selection Process

4 April 2015
An analysis of the appropriate measures employers must take in order to minimize the risk of hiring unsuitable employees.

This paper analyzes methods employers must take to protect themselves from hiring bad personnel especially these days, when violence, sexual arrestment and corporate fraud are increasing in the workplace. The author suggests several steps human resources personnel should take in order to minimize the risk of hiring unsuitable employees.
“All work environments, big or small, have potential for trouble. Human relationships are complicated in all situations. Thus when workers spend such a large percentage of their days in the workplace problems are bound to happen. If employers stay aware of developing problems and deal with issues as they occur, the risk in the workplace will be minimal. Background checks and references are crucial for control of the problems arising in the work place. Defamation suits and discrimination can be avoided through carefully drafted written policies. Being wary of providing references is not the solution. The employers must work with the employees to draft policies that will be secure, efficient and control workplace problems. Privacy issues can be avoided if the employees know the underlying reasons. Education is the key and hence, human resource managers must work to provide the necessary security for both the employee and employer—through background and reference checks.”

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