Backstreet Boys Concert

12 December 2019

“Congratulations! You just won the last set of tickets tothe sold-out Backstreet Boys concert!” My heart sank asthe DJ gave away the last chance for me to see Howie, Kevin,Nick, AJ and Brian. I had plastered my ear to the radio foreight hours a day, hoping to be the 20th caller. It was thebeginning of their Millennium tour, and I wasn’t going. Tearsslipped down my cheek as my mom entered my room. I quicklydried my face so she wouldn’t see how upset I was. As she satnext to me on my bed, I was surprised to see a smile on herface. It angered me to see her happy, knowing I was in such adepressed state. She stared straight at me and said, “Igot tickets!” I bolted up, yelling and screaming at thetop of my lungs. My mom got up to quiet me, but I tackled herwith a bear hug. I don’t think I’ve ever felt sohappy. That incredible night when the lights went out,the crowd began to scream. Girls from every direction chanted”B-S-B, B-S-B.” I started chanting, too. A voiceannounced the opening act, EYC. They were great but I was soanxious to see the Backstreet Boys I was hardly able to givethem my attention. Their performance lasted about 30 minutes,and there was a quick intermission. After the break, thelights dimmed. My ears began to tingle from the loud shoutsfrom every girl in the audience. Steam began to rise from thefloor. Then there they were, all five soaring through the airin harnesses. They were mounted on what looked like futuristicsurfboards. I screamed and waved hoping to catch one of theireyes. They opened with their number one song, “LargerThan Life.” The dancers did a fantastic job! Watchingtheir moves made me want to break out and dance as well. My favorite thing about the concert was the way theguys interacted with the crowd. They showed us, their devotedfans, how much they cared with their winks, waves and superioreffort to put on the best show they possibly could. If youhaven’t been to a Backstreet Boys concert before, I suggestyou go. The concert definitely brought truth to the saying”Best Show On Earth,” and I can’t wait until theyreturn to my area in the spring.

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