Backstreet Boys

6 June 2019

I entered the arena andlooked down on the crowd of girls standing in what seemed an endlessline. Some were as young as seven, and clutched their mothers’ handstightly. Older girls stood humming “I Want it That Way” andcarrying glittery, bright signs declaring “Nick is Hot” or”We love you, Howie D.” Then there were girls my age, annoyedwith the line and the teeny-boppers. They stood shivering in stylishoutfits, secretly hoping to catch Brian, A.J. or Kevin’s eye. For every30 girls there was one boy.

I was tired, and doubtful I wouldstay awake through the show. As I waited, I wondered why I hadn’t soldmy tickets for the $300 I could have. Boy, am I glad Ididn’t.

Backstreet Boys Essay Example

Mandy Moore was the opening act. She only sang threesongs and mostly bounced around the stage trying to keep up with hermale dancers, only singing one out of every five words to her hit single”Candy.”

After Mandy I left my seat to get a pretzel.I made it halfway through the line when the girls in the audiencestarted screeching. I thought I had missed the Boys’ grand entrance andbolted from the line. I saw three boys – not the Backstreet Boys -wearing blue sequined bags over their heads. I went back to my linewhile the guys danced around, one flashing his abs to every girl insight. They skipped around the stage, sang a few songs and vanished.Then we heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the BackstreetBoys!”

The crowd erupted; the moment we had been waiting forfinally came. The Backstreet Boys skated to the stage in mid-air, heldup by harnesses. I looked around to see a crowd of smiling faces; younggirls whose dreams were coming true and mothers happy to see theirdaughters’ smiles. I realized this was no ordinary concert. It was anamazing spectacle of lights, dancing and music. Each Back-street Boyshowed off his spectacular voice and athletic dancing. They also told uswe were “the loudest crowd” of all the cities they visited(I’m sure they don’t say that to everyone …).

When the groupsang “The Perfect Fan,” which Brian wrote for his mother, fivemothers and their daughters came on stage to be serenaded. Later, whenthe band was suspended by harnesses and floated above the crowd, AJ. wasright in front of me. His red hair glowed as he flipped in the air,always smiling. It was obvious the band had fun, and the audienceenjoyed watching them. I was captivated, hoping the concert wouldn’tend. When the boys sang the last note and left the stage, I was sad theconcert was over, but incredibly excited. I left the arena with a hugesmile and a new appreciation for the Backstreet Boys. I was a fan beforethe concert, but by the end I had reverted to the teeny-bopper stage. Ifthey come back, I might very well have a painted face and a glitterysign.

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