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8 August 2017

Bacon, Roger Essay, Research Paper

Roger Bacon was an English Scholastic philosopher, scientist and one of the most influential instructors of the thirteenth century.

He was born in Ilchester, Somersetshire in 1214. Roger Bacon was educated at the universities of Oxford and Paris. He remained in Paris after finishing his surveies and taught for a piece at the University of Paris. When he returned to England in approximately 1251, he entered the spiritual order of the Franciscans and lived at Oxford. He carried on active surveies and did experimental research in chemistry, optics, and uranology.

Bacon was critical of the methods of acquisition of the times, and in the late 1260s, at the petition of Pope Clement IV, he wrote his Opus Majus ( Major Work ) . In this work he represented the necessity of a reformation in the scientific disciplines through different methods of analyzing linguistic communications and nature. The Opus Majus was an encyclopaedia of all scientific discipline, encompassing grammar and logic, mathematics, natural philosophies, experimental research, and moral doctrine. The response of the Catholic Pope to Bacon & # 8217 ; s chef-d’oeuvre is non known, but the work could non in any fortunes have had much consequence in Bacon & # 8217 ; s clip, because it reached Clement during the period of his fatal unwellness.

Bacon & # 8217 ; s radical thoughts about the survey of scientific discipline caused his disapprobation by the Franciscans for his dissident positions. In 1278 the g

eneral of the Franciscan order, Girolamo Masci, subsequently Pope Nicholas IV, forbade the reading of Bacon’s books and had Bacon arrested. After 10 old ages in prison, Bacon returned to Oxford. He wrote Compendium Studii Theologiae ( A Compendium of the Study of Theology, 1292 ) shortly before his decease.

Despite his advanced cognition, Bacon accepted some of the popular but subsequently disproved beliefs of his clip, such as the being of a philosopher & # 8217 ; s rock and the efficaciousness of star divination. Although many innovations have been credited to him, some of them doubtless were derived from the survey of Arab scientists. His Hagiographas brought new and clever positions on optics, peculiarly on refraction ; on the evident magnitude of objects ; and on the evident addition in the size of the Sun and Moon at the skyline. He found that with S, potassium nitrate, and wood coal, a substance ( now known as gunpowder ) could be produced that would copy lightning and cause detonations. The old usage of gunpowder by the Arabs, nevertheless, has since been shown. Bacon considered mathematics, together with experimentation, the lone means of geting at a cognition of nature. He studied several linguistic communications and wrote Latin with great elegance and lucidity. Because of his extended cognition he was known as Doctor Admirabilis. Six of his plants were printed between 1485 and 1614, and in 1733 the Opus Majus was edited and published.

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