Bad As Me by Tom Waits

9 September 2019

This particular album grew on me. Tom Waits albums are usually fairly focused on one particular sound or stylistic approach,however this album seemed to be a bit of a re-visiting to all his previous sounds. For example, the song “Last Leaf” featuring Keith Richards on guitar and back up vocals, is very soft and sweet; talking about the pain of being left behind. It kind of reminded me of Tom Waits’ earlier work. But there was also the harsh (but brilliantly so) “Hell Broke Luce” an anthem of to the life of a soldier fighting. It’s lyrics though provocative are genius “I used to have a home/but I Left,Right,Left.” The style in this track reminded me of his album “Blood Money”. But as usual his lyrical prowess is in huge supply, and should be the principal focus of his music. It took me two or three times to really grasp Bad As Me, and learn to love it.

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But once you get there, you stay there. I’ve listened to this album over twenty times, and I still love it. A must listen. 4/5 stars on my scale.

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