Bad Neighbours

4 April 2017

If you were to ask me what issues I feel strongly about, I would answer with one word. Neighbours. Neighbours *sigh* don’t they get to you sometimes? Throwing trash into your yard, abusing you and most of all training their dogs to attack you! Usually when you mess with your neighbours, they mess with you. In some situations, people’s neighbours have nothing to do in their leisure time therefore spending their time abusing you and your kids.

For example, since I have been living in the same house for 10 years and my abusive neighbours have been living next to us for 8 years, my family and I have had a lot of situations with them. When I was about 5 or 6, me, my brothers and my sister used to play outside early. This peed my neighbour off so she sent a letter to us, which is really weird because were only next door to them, about how we make a lot of noise and we are banned from playing outside until it is 7:30. To annoy our neighbour back we would wait until it was exactly 7:30 and would run outside screaming our heads off.

Bad Neighbours Essay Example

The next problem people get with their neighbours would be having them throw their rubbish into your yard. When I say rubbish I mean beer bottles, cigarettes and most disgusting of all, dog wipes! My family doesn’t really have a big problem with that because we throw it all back to them anyway. The 3rd most annoying thing that neighbours do is go clubbing all night, come back with a new boyfriend and have their car stereo on full blast with heavy metal music. My bedroom is the closest to my neighbour’s house so I wake up at 3:00 in the morning most of the time.

The creepiest thing my neighbours have done since their old dogs have died is to go and buy 2 more big black dogs and train them to bark and attack us! Well, that’s only when their master is there. When the dogs are by themselves outside they always whimper when they see us. I think my neighbour abuse them too. Well, to summarise my misery, stupid neighbours who don’t know what the meaning of manners is, shouldn’t get to you! Learn to ignore them until they pee off! At least that’s what I do!

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