Bad Role Model

1 January 2017

The Sun Also Rises is a very interesting book written in the 1920’s. The character of Lady Brett Ashley also influenced many women in that time period on how they acted, dressed, and the choices they made in their everyday lifes. Lady Brett Ashley is a very tart character. She goes after men and has sex with them and then they provide everything for her. She is probably the most unsympathic character in the whole story. She uses men then discards them once they are of no use to her. As Cohn, “says she is Circe, who turns men into swine”. By turning them into lower creatures, she uses them and then kills them at the right moment.

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To start with; Lady Brett Ashley is as a very odd character taking on masculine roles. Instead of playing the timid young woman, Brett, known as the “New Woman,” is able to take what she wants. She is first introduced arriving at a bar with a group of homosexual men. Her association with homosexuals may be that she relates to them better than her straight friends because, like Brett, the homosexual men are also looking for male companionship. Another masculine detail Lady Brett Ashley shows is her excessive drinking habits. According to John W. Crowley in The White Logic,” drinking is a masculine trait. The act of drinking, especially in a bar, is inherently male and “integral to the rugged ideal of manliness. ” “There is more to Lady Brett Ashley than just sex and booze, but everything is intertwined with both. She is shallow and self-centered, caring only for herself. Brett’s relationship with Jake is a love/hate relationship at best. ” She knows they both love each other, but because she is so selfish, and herinability to come to terms with his impotence;she continues to stay in his life, leaving them both miserable. “Oh darling,” Brett said, “I’m so miserable. I had that feeling of going through something that has all happened before. “You were happy a minute ago. ” Brett is usually able to hide her misery from other members of the group they hang around but when she is alone with Jake she can not help her self and lets it all go telling him how nice it would be for them to be together. Jake always agrees with her and says how great it would be for it to work out between them. But when Lady Brett Ashley and Jake are not around each other she is off drinking her guts out and having affairs with other men and not being loyal to anyone she talks speaks to. Lady Ashley is a very self-centered, wild, free-living alcoholic. She stoops from one man to the next, when she really love only one man. Jake is the man she is in love with, but as you can very easily tell she’s not ready to settle down. Plus her hormones must still be raging, since she sleeps with a guy like Cohn. ” Lady Brett Ashley is the reasons for the conflict in Jake and Robert Cohns friendship because the both are in love with her and she just keeps playing games with the both of them.

Even though she truly loves Jake she still goes out with Robert Cohn and sleeps with him, then comes crying to Jake; continuing to tell him how much she is in love with him and how perfect the would be together, knowing that it could never happen. Lady Brett Ashley does not pay much attention on how she lives her life and how bad it really looks on her. But when she went to church she realized she must be doing something wrong. She says in chapter 18, “Come on,” she whispered throatily. “Let’s get out of here. Makes me damned nervous. Outside in the hot brightness of the street Brett looked up at the treetops in the wind. The praying had not been much of a success. “Don’t know why I get so nervy in church,” Brett said. “Never does me any good. ” We walked along. “I’m damned bad for a religious atmosphere,” Brett said. “I’ve the wrong type of face. ” She can’t take the thrilling atmosphere of the church, her own demons make her too nervous in such a place. The “nervy” feeling she gets in the church probably has more to do with her denial of her own unhappiness than with anything else she thinks is going on.

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