Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

6 June 2019

As a new artist, Lady Gaga is becoming highly admired. Many of her songs have topped the charts, with her strong voice and catchy beats. One of her more popular songs, “Bad Romance” has gone mainstream.

There is no doubt that almost all of Lady Gaga’s songs are incredibly catchy. They are the kind of songs that sticks in one’s head, and replays itself constantly. With the introduction of “Bad Romance” being so bazaar and different from other songs, it instantly fascinates a person’s attention. Also her repeating, upbeat chorus is what attracts so many people.

People begin to sing the song without realizing what they are singing. Once the lyrics are analyzed, it makes a person have second thoughts on the song. “Bad Romance” sends off a negative message about Lady Gaga. It makes her seem like she can have anyone she wants with no trouble at all. She either sounds incredibly conceited or she has a low self esteem. Lyrics like, “I want your everything as long as it’s free,” and, “Want you in my rear window when your baby is sick,” make it seem like Lady Gaga is the kind of person who is obsessed, or thinks low of themselves. Lady Gaga repeats her desires over and over. She wants his “ugly” and his “disease”; she wants everything good and bad from him, yet she wants it to be a “bad romance.”

Even thought the song is controversial, it also sends off a positive message. The positive message could be to accept everything good and bad in a relationship. That moral is something that her audience of teenagers should learn. His “drama, horror, psycho, ugly, and disease” are all things she wants from him. But, she also wants his love.

It is obvious that Lady Gaga is truly an artist and very talented. Her style of music is very unique, but some of her lyrics are inappropriate for the audience that listens to her music. “Bad Romance” is one of Lady Gaga’s most powerful, yet obscene tracks. Her music is quick to be judged and controversial.

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