Bad Sugar

6 June 2017

Unnatural Causes In this video “Bad Sugar” the Pima and Tohono O’odham Indians of southern Arizona have the highest diabetes rate in the world. This affects more then half the adults in this Indian group, but a century ago diabetes wasn’t even heard of. What has happened to the health of the Pima Indians? During the 20th century the river water was used by white settlers and Pima’s local Indians went into poverty and became dependent on the U. S. government. This resulted in the Indians eating tepary beans, cholla buds and wild life these everyday ood items changed to white flour, lard, processed cheese and canned foods.

Needless to say this had a big impact on the Pima Indians. This exclusive documentary shows crucial evidence on how we pour more money into drugs, fad diets, medical technologies, but is it deeper then that? Evidence shows there’re more to bad habits and unlucky genes. If we can find a solution to poverty we can solve many of the problems that individuals deal with on a day-to-day bases. As a future educator I will teach them strategies and help improve their daily exercise.

Bad Sugar Essay Example

Teaching hem strategies will help them to become independent with their exercise as well as quality nutrition and realize how truly Important It Is, which should lower the diabetic rate. Goals: 1 . Promote healthy lifestyles to prevent risk factors for pre-dlabetes, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke 2. Improve the detection, control and treatment of risk factors and pre-diabetes for the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke 3. Improve the detection, control and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease to prevent complications and disabilities and reduce the severity and progression of disease

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