11 November 2018

For all you rhythm and blues fans out there, you will really enjoy the debut album of Erykah Badu entitled “Baduism.” Most people have heard her hit single, “On & On” on most radio stations. But the album has a little something for everyone. “Otherside of the Game” is a song about a couple who is tangled in the drug world. The song is very slow and jazzy. The message is very positive and the song emphasizes her smooth, sultry voice. The very catchy interlude, “Rimshot,” is the beginning and ending on the tape. Some key songs to listen to are “Next Lifetime,” “Certainly,” “Four Leaf Clover” and “Sometimes.” Many music critics say that her voice is similar to Billie Holliday. Overall, the album is very laid back and delightful to listen to. I give this album four stars

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