2 February 2017

The story revolves around a family where the parents have spent all the earnings plus provident fund on their children.. their study and for their settlement. But once the children(boys) are own their own and with their families they forget that they have some responsibility towards their parents too, because the parents do not have a pension to fall back upon. The children are quit upset over the thought that they have to now look after their parents and keep them along with them.They feel them as a burden and plan to SHARE them.

This comes as a shock to the parents who agree with the decision taken by the children in a very supportive way,…. though in heart of hearts they are very disturbed. Now here we come to the conclusion friends are better than relations because at this junction of their lives friends give moral support in this crucial period when the parents are separated ..

Baghban Essay Example

one living with one son and the mother living with the other son.Their small requirements are not met with and the mother is seen as a spoilsport and nagger. The father finds good company in a restaurant owner couple who pay him for the work of accounts he unknowingly does for them. Then help comes from their surrogate son whom the couple had sent abroad for higher studies. He gives them their due in the form of gifting them the house they lived in all their life and by also gifting them the love and respect that they deserve as parents. This opens the eyes of their own sons and they show repentance.

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