Baking and Other Kitchen Tools and Equipment

11 November 2016

Roasting or Broiling pan Muffin pan or Cup cake pan Custard cups Baking Tools and Equipment and their Use A. Baking Tools and Equipment 1. Spatula – small spatulas are used to remove muffins and molded cookies from pans which is five to six inches long and about one inch wide. Large spatulas are used to apply icing or frosting cakes. The flexible blade of the spatula is used for various purposes. 2. Flour Sifter–one form of sifter has several sieves for sifting flour. Another form is used to sift flour directly into the measuring cup. 3. Wooden Spoon – this is known as the mixing spoon.

Remove food particles and burnt sediment by using a clean damp cloth. Clean the steel shelves very ell. 3. Use a dry cloth to clean the thermometer. 4. Clean the entire oven very well. Cleaning the Mixer 1. Remove the detachable parts. Wash the beaters and bowls immediately after use. Wipe the parts with a dry cloth thoroughly before storing. 2. Remove the bowls and wash with cold water after using them for egg and batter mixtures and mashed potatoes. Then wash with warm water.

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